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How to Beat Felidae Cantus (Secret Boss) | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide to beating Felidae Cantus (Secret Boss) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn about Felidae Cantus's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Felidae Cantus Basic Information


No. 092 Noise Group NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Felidae Cantus Noise Type.png
NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Felidae Cantus.png
A frustrating foe that memorizes any attacks you use and calculates how to avoid and counter them. Be sure to pack plenty of psychs and keep using ones he's yet to encounter.
Location Another Day (Story)


HP 60000
PP 1772
EXP. 1999
NEO TWEWY - Water Icon.png Water

The data shown is set on Normal Diffculty.

Drop Rates

Easy Drop: 10,000 Yen
Rate: 0.92%
Normal Drop: Black Cat Burn
Rate: 0.70%
Hard Drop: Black Cat Burn
Rate: 0.70%
Ultimate Drop: Scarletite
Rate: 4.00%

The data shown is on 1x Drop Rate.

Felidae Cantus Location

When you start Another Day, talk to the Reaper near the entrance to 104 then talk to Hishima near Hachiko in Scramble Crossing.

Afterwards, head to Expressway Underpass and look for Sho Minamimoto. Talk to him to start the Secret Boss Fight.

Felidae Cantus Attacks and Abilities

Fire Pillar

Fire Pillar.jpg

Felidae Cantus can summon a fire pillar that deals damage to characters caught in it. You'll know where a fire pillar is going to erupt by looking for cracks on the floor.

Ground Pound and Path of Fire

Path of Fire After Ground Smash.jpg

Felidae Cantus will occasionally pound the ground and leave a path of fire in its wake. This path of fire will then erupt and can cause damage to your team. Stay away from the path of fire to avoid damage.

Dash and Strike


Most of the time, Felidae Cantus will try to damage your team with his dash and strike. This move causes tons of damage and should be avoided at all costs.

Cinematic attack + Ground Smash

Cinematic Attack.jpg

At one point during the battle, Felidae Cantus will perform a cinematic attack where he jumps really high then smashes the ground. This move affects a large area of the battlefield and can one shot your team if not avoided.

No Armor After Cinematic Attack.jpg

Felidae Cantus then loses his armor after performing this cinematic attack.

Teleportation and Speed

Kick After Teleportation.jpg

Felidae Cantus is very fast and can teleport to your team in a matter of seconds. After teleporting, he will immediately attack your team with a kick or strike.

Keep your eye on him and dodge immediately when you see him teleport.

Eye Mark

Trigger Eye Attack.jpg

Felidae Cantus can mark your pins at any point during the fight. Using a marked pin will make Felidae Cantus counter your attack right away.

On the brighter side, this can also make him vulnerable to all of your other attacks.

Best Pins for Felidae Cantus

Yearlong Ensemble

St. AestasSt. Aestas' Shrapnel
St. AutumnusSt. Autumnus' Strike
St. HiemsSt. Hiems' Shotgun
St. VerSt. Ver's Uppercut

St. Autumnus' Strike, St. Hiems' Shotgun, St. Ver's Uppercut, and St. Aestas' Shrapnel make up the Yearlong Ensemble. When equipped altogether, the Yearlong Ensemble can boost your lifesteal or HP Vampire.

Felidae Cantus can deal tons of damage to your team so it's wise to have pins that do not only deal damage but can also keep you healthy in the long run.

Revivify Ensemble

Let the Rain Fall Down IconLet the Rain Fall Down
Lightning in My Hands IconLightning in My Hands
HOG Healer IconHOG Healer
FANG Defender IconFANG Defender
Kappa Panic IconKappa Panic
Spin Twinz IconSpin Twinz

The Revivify Ensemble consists of Hog Healer and Fang Defender. Equipping these two altogether will reduce their reboot time and can help your team stay healthy. Use Hog Healer when you're low on health and trigger Fang Defender when Felidae Cantus is about to launch a strong attack.

Felidae Cantus is weak to water so it's wise to pair these two with pins like Let the Rain Fall Down, Kappa Panic, and Spin Twinz.

x3 Freestyle Launcher

HOG Healer IconHOG Healer
Kappa Panic IconKappa Panic
Freestyle Launcher IconFreestyle Launcher
Spin Twinz IconSpin Twinz

Having x3 Freestyle Launcher did surprisingly well against Felidae Cantus. It can shred his armor from a distance so you can stay relatively healthy.

You can also equip pins with water affinity like Kappa Panic and Spin Twinz to deal more damage to Felidae Cantus. Don't forget to equip Hog Healer too for when you're in a pinch!

Tips & Strategies for Beating Felidae Cantus

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkKeep an eye on him

CheckmarkTime your dodge

CheckmarkUse regen, def, HP, and cure threads

CheckmarkAttack him right after he does

CheckmarkStay calm

Keep an Eye on Him

Felidae Cantus moves very quick and it can be very easy for him to ambush your team if you're not careful. Remember to always keep an eye on him.

Time Your Dodge

Felidae Cantus' attacks can be quite overwhelming since they do a lot of damage to your team. The key to this is to time your dodge.

Dodge Dash and Strike


When you see him about to dash and strike, dodge at the last second.

Dodge Fire PIllar and Path of Fire

Stay away from cracks on the floor where fire might erupt.

Dodge Right After He Teleports

Kick After Teleportation.jpg

Felidae Cantus can teleport to your team and attack them right away. It's wise to dodge right away when you see him teleport.

Dodge Right After Triggering Marked Pin

Felidae Cantus Eye Counterattack.jpg

Attacking with a marked pin will cause Felidae Cantus to counter your attack right away. Dodge right away after attacking with a marked pin.

Dodge Cinematic Attack and Ground Smash

This attack affects a large area in the battlefield. When this happens, move towards a safer place away from the fiery explosion.

Use Regen, Def, HP, and Cure Threads

Threads help a lot during the fight. Look for ones that will boost your team's HP and defense. You can also equip threads that help your team regenerate HP over time like Regen and Cure.

Attack Him Right After He Does

Felidae Cantus stops for a brief second right after his attacks. With this in mind, attack him right after he does then dodge when gets moving again.

Stay Calm

Fighting Felidae Cantus can be quite frustrating at times. He can deal tons of damage to your team and be quite hard to take down. However, remember to just focus on the fight and utilize your dodge.

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