NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Combat Tips and Techniques

NEO TWEWY Combat Tips Techniques.png

This is a guide to combat in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY) for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Read on for a guide on combat tips and techniques!

Choose Pins to Power Combat Abilities

Assign Pins Before the Fight

NEO TWEWY Pins Psych Commands.jpg

Pins power the characters' combat abilities known as Psych. Different Pins give characters different types of Psych with different button commands. Before the fight even begins, you should assign Pins to characters in a way that is strategic and comfortable to you as a player.

Button Command Diversity

Keep in mind that building combos for the Beatdrop Gauge is an important part of the game's combat system. Therefore, it wouldn't be strategic if, for instance, you assign Charge-command Pins to all of the members of your team. Employ button command diversity and fight to build up combos.

Switching Characters During Combat

Use Different Psychs

NEO TWEWY Combat.jpg

In order to switch characters during combat, you just need to start attacking with the button command assigned to that character. The character will automatically be subbed into the fight and start attacking with their Psych.

Know which Psych to target at specific enemies!

NEO TWEWY Summon Beatdrop Combo.jpg

Some types of Psych are used better on certain enemies. For instance, Rapid-tap Psychs are better used on smaller, weaker enemies. Rapid-tap Psychs deal weaker damage, which allows you to build up Beatdrop combos on weaker enemies.

On the other hand, fully Charged Psychs will one-shot weaker enemies, which means you can't build your Beatdrop combo on them. Just remember you can switch enemy targets using the right control stick while in combat.

Switch Characters to Reboot Pin

NEO TWEWY Reboot Pins.png

Pins have power meters and when they run out, the character won't be able to use their psych. When this happens, just switch to a different character in order for the depleted Pin to reboot.

Conserving HP

NEO TWEWY Dodging Attacks.png

Switching characters does not affect HP, as the HP is measured for the whole team. To conserve HP, avoid damage by dodging enemy attacks using B (Switch) or X (PS4). Dodging also makes you invulnerable for a short period after dodging.

Summon Beatdrop Gauge During Combat

Deal Rapid or Powerful Attacks

Rapidly attacking or dealing a powerful charge attack at an enemy will summon the Beatdrop Gauge.

Dropping the Beat

NEO TWEWY Drop the Beat.jpg

When the circular Beatdrop Gauge appears on-screen, attack the monster with another character's pysch before the timer runs out in order to Drop the Beat. Dropping the Beat adds a base 15% to your Groove.

Perform Mashups When Groove is Full

NEO TWEWY Mashups.jpg

Once your Groove is at 100%, your team can perform a Mashup attack, which is a significantly powerful combo Psych.

How to Build Up Groove

You Can Run Away from Combat

NEO TWEWY Run Away.jpg

If you want to back out of a fight for any reason (difficulty, choice of pins, etc.), you can press + (Switch) or the Touchpad (PS4) in order to pause the fight. On the Pause Screen, you are presented with the option to Run Away from the fight.

The Run Away option is also presented on the Game Over screen when you lose a battle. Players have the choice to Run Away or Retry the battle.

How to Run Away (Bounce Out)

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