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Week 3, Day 5: Vision Chapter Guide and Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for Vision, Week 3, Day 5 of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Comeback Vision Backstabbed

Vision Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week 3
Day 5
Boss Plague Pachy (Boss)
Legendary Player Neku has been trying to figure out what destroyed Shinjuku three years ago - and what threatens to destroy Shibuya now. Meanwhile, Shiba has loosed upon the city some "old flames," new Noise becoming a spooky resemblance to those no longer among the living.

Pins You Get in this Chapter

Event Reward
After defeating Kanon's Plague Noise. NEO TWEWY Frosty Friendship PinFrosty Friendship

Vision Main Objectives

Head to Cat Street

Get ready to face Noise impersonating Ayano in the Expressway Underpass.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngGo past Shibuya Hikarie
Noise impersonating Fuya will be waiting at the end. Get ready to fight.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngPass through the Scramble Crossing
Defeat the Noise impersonating Motoi.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngCut through TOWER RECORDS
Take down the Noise impersonating Kanon to get to Cat Street.

Meet up with Neku's Reaper Friend

NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngMeet up with Neku's Reaper Friend
Talk to Coco to trigger the next event
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDefeat the Plague Pachy
Defeat the Plague Noise to free Tsugumi.

Vision Pig Noise Locations

Expressway Underpass

Location Noise Type Reward

Expressway Underpass, Under the Bridge
Pig Jive x2
Pig Waltz
100,000 Yen

Tokyu Plaza

Location Noise Type Reward

Tokyu Plaza, Beside the Top o' Topo Billboard (Right)
Pig Cha-cha Dark Matter

Tower Records Shibuya

Location Noise Type Reward

Tower Records Shibuya, Balcony of Building Beside Tower Records
Pig Carol x3 (Time, Ice, Burst) Absolute Relativity

List of Pig Noise

Tips and Strategies

You'll be encountering a lot of Plague Noise in this chapter. It is wise to save often and check the Noisepedia to know which pins to equip.

Boss Strategy: Plague Pachy

NEO TWEWY W3D5 - 7.jpg
Plague Pachy is a big Plague Noise with a lot of HP. Pelt it with Kinesis attacks to erase it. Look out for those Plague Frogs too!

How to Beat Plague Pachy (Boss)

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