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Prologue Chapter Guide and Walkthrough | Ramen or Curry?

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This is a walkthrough for the Prologue of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Prologue The Reapers' Game

Prologue Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week -
Day -
It was a day like any other for Rindo and Fret, two regular high schoolers enjoying a stroll through Shibuya...that is, until they get dragged into an epic battle and whisked away to a world that feels eerily familiar.

Pins You Get in this Chapter

Event Reward
After setting up your RNS, you'll receive starter Pins from Shoka Sakurane. NEO TWEWY Shockwave PinShockwave NEO TWEWY Force Rounds PinForce Rounds

Prologue Main Objectives

Meet up with Fret outside 104

1 NEO TWEWY - Head to 104 Building.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to the 104 Building.
Follow the yellow waypoint to enter the 104 Building area.
2 NEO TWEWY - Talk to Fret.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngTalk to Fret outside of 104.
Once you're in the area, you will see Fred in front of the 104 entrance. Talk to him to continue the story.

Grab lunch at Dogenzaka

3 NEO TWEWY - Head to Dogenzaka.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to Dogenzaka.
After talking to Fred, make your way towards the waypoint to enter Dogenzaka area.
4 NEO TWEWY - Choose a Restaurant.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChoose whether to have ramen or curry for lunch.
Choose between the two restaurants in Dogenzaka. Your choice will not have any significant effect to the story.

Head to the Scramble Crossing

5 NEO TWEWY - Return to Scramble Crossing.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead back to Scramble Crossing.
Follow the waypoint once again to make your way back to Scramble Crossing. Upon reaching the area, this will trigger a lengthy cutscene.

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