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Battle Rank Guide: How to Get a Higher Battle Rank

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This is guide on battle rank during combat in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn how to get a higher battle rank when fighting Noise enemies!

How to Get a Higher Battle Rank

Defeat Enemies Quickly

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Increase your Battle Rank by defeating the Noise quickly and without taking damage. To do this, build up combos in order to not give enemies a window to attack. Always go for Beatdrops as well in order to build up your Groove. Once your Groove is full, go for the Mashup attack to deal massive damage to multiple enemies.

How to Build Up Groove

Avoid Taking Heavy Damage

NEO TWEWY Dodging Attacks.png

To conserve HP, avoid damage by dodging enemy attacks using B (Switch) or X (PS4). Dodging also makes you invulnerable for a short period after dodging. However, only dodge attacks from powerful enemies, as it's not worth time to dodge attacks from the weaker foes.

Consider Changing Pins

NEO TWEWY Pins Psych Commands.jpg

If you're having difficulty scoring a high Battle Rank, perhaps you should consider making improvements to your Pin line-up. Pins are what power characters' Psychs/combat abiltiies, so an essential part of getting a high Battle Rank is strategically choosing which Pins and types of abilities you bring into combat.

Combat Tips and Techniques

Battle Rank Overview

What is Battle Rank?

Battle Rank is the score given to your team after defeating Noise. The higher your Battle Rank for an individual battle is, the more Pin Points (PP) you will earn to level up your Pins. Battle Ranking in NEO: The World Ends with You is mostly measured in letter grade:

Battle Rank Pin Point Multiplier

(Gold Star)
A 1.3
B 1.2
C 1.1
D 1.0
E 0.8

How to Farm Pin Points (PP)

How is Battle Rank Calculated?

NEO TWEWY How to Farm Pin Points.jpg

Battle Rank is determined by Time spent and Damage dealt. Time and Damage are each given a Battle Rank from ★ to E, with the overall Battle Rank being the average of the two. Rounds refers to Reductions during Chain Battles and is not taken into account for average Battle Rank.

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