NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Week 2, Day 7: Checkmate Chapter Guide and Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for Checkmate, Week 2, Day 7 of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Desire Destination Checkmate Sudden Death

Checkmate Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week 2
Day 7
Boss Grus Cantus
The Wicked Twisters gain an unlikely ally in the form of Shoka, now stripped of her Reaper status. With help from Kanon and Motoi, the gang succeed in downing both Susukichi and Tsugumi, prompting the leader of the Ruinbringers to finally reveal themselves.

Checkmate Main Objectives

Find Motoi/Erase three of the specified Noise symbols, then return to the Reaper

1 NEO TWEWY - 01 Cat Street.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngMake your way to Cat Street.
Follow the waypoint until you reach Cat Street, where you'll encounter Shoka being hounded by a Noise. Help her by erasing the Noise.
2 NEO TWEWY - 02 Erase the Noise Symbols.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngErase three of the specified Noise symbols by the Reaper.
After erasing the Noise, Shoka joins your team. Talk to the Reaper guarding the path to the next area. He will then ask you to erase three of the specified Noise symbols in the area. Complete the mission to gain passage to TOWER RECORDS.

Show that Reaper a Gatto Nero ensemble/Find Motoi

3 NEO TWEWY - 03 Head to 104.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to 104.
Motoi will be at Dogenzaka. In order to get there, make your way to 104 and talk to the Reaper guarding the path.
4 NEO TWEWY - 04 Gatto Nero.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngPurchase a Gatto Nero outfit
The Reaper will ask you to purchase and equip a full Gatto Nero outfit. Purchase them at the shop in the 104 Building and have one of your team members equip the full set. Return to the Reaper to enter Dogenzaka.
5 NEO TWEWY - 05 Talk to Motoi.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngTalk to Motoi.
Talk to Motoi at the crossing.

Follow Susukichi and head to O-EAST/Head toward 104 and look for Susukichi/Follow Susukichi and head to the Scramble Crossing

6 NEO TWEWY - 06 Chase Susukichi.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChase Susukichi.
Follow Susukichi through O-EAST, 104, and the Scramble Crossing.

Follow Susukichi and head toward TOWER RECORDS

7 NEO TWEWY - 07 Talk to the Reaper.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngTalk to the Reaper.
Once you've reached the Scramble Crossing, head towards TOWER RECORDS where the Reaper will deny you access to the area.
8 NEO TWEWY - 08 Enter Center Street.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngEnter Center Street.
Head to Center Street as an alternative way to get to TOWER RECORDS.
9 NEO TWEWY - 09 Erase the Noise.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngTalk to the Reaper and erase the Noise.
Talk to the Reaper guarding the path to Spain Hill and a Noise will suddenly ambush you. Erase the Noise to continue to the next area.
10 NEO TWEWY - 10 Erase the Noise.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngErase the Noise in Spain Hill.
Once you're in Spain Hill, follow the waypoint heading towards TOWER RECORDS. Upon entering the area, a Noise will ambush you once again. Survive the ambush to get to TOWER RECORDS.
11 NEO TWEWY - 11 Contront Susukichi.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngConfront Susukichi.
Upon entering TOWER RECORDS, you'll trigger a cutscene which ends with Rindo using his time travel powers to return to the past.

Take down Susukichi before the Variabeauties lose

12 NEO TWEWY - 12 Reach the 104 Rooftop.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngReach the 104 Building's rooftop.
Now in the past, head to the balcony of the 104 Building and use Shoka's powers to teleport to the rooftop of the building.
13 NEO TWEWY - 13 Defeat Susukichi.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngReturn to the present timeline and defeat Susukichi.
Use Rindo's powers to return to the present timeline. Upon returning, you'll be fighting Susukichi once again. Defeat him to progress through the story.

Head to the West Exit Bus Terminal and help Kanon

14 NEO TWEWY - 14 Make Your Way to West Exit Bus Terminal.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngMake your way to the West Exit Bus Terminal
After defeating Susukichi, make your way to the West Exit Bus Terminal. Make sure to make some preparations before entering the building, as you will be facing against two bosses.
15 NEO TWEWY - 15 Defeat Mr. Mew.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDefeat Mr. Mew.
Once you're ready, enter the building to fight Mr. Mew for the second time.
16 NEO TWEWY - 16 Defeat Grus Cantus.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDefeat Grus Cantus.
After defeating Mr. Mew, you'll be facing off against a second boss with Grus Cantus. Defeat the boss to finish the day.

Checkmate Side Quests

Put the Phone Down (Get a Hobby)

Quest Overview

Location Shibuya Hikarie
Quest Giver Reaper Commentator
NEO TWEWY Orichalcum PinOrichalcum (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Reaper Commentator Icon.pngReaper Commentator


1 Put the Phone Down (Get a Hobby).jpg
Head to Shibuya Hikarie. Once you get there, you'll get a broadcast from the Reaper Commentator. Afterwards, walk towards where the shop and restaurant once was then interact with it.
2 Problem.jpg
You'll find the Reaper Commentator in a bit of a dilemma and you need to give him some advice.
3 Advice.jpg
You need to get one of the members to give him advice. You may pick Shoka since they already know each other.
4 Solved.jpg
After giving the Reaper some advice, he'll be in high spirits again. Side quest complete!

Love on the Brain

Quest Overview

Location Shibuya Stream
Quest Giver Honoka Kondo & Itsuki Kaneda
NEO TWEWY Orichalcum PinOrichalcum (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Honoka Kondo Icon.pngHonoka Kondo


1 Love on the Brain.jpg
Head to Shibuya Stream and look for Itsuki Kaneda and Honoka Kondo. You may recognize Itsuki Kaneda from the side quest Wallet Woes.
2 Scan.jpg
Scan the area to learn about their problem.
3 Fret Remind Puzzle Picture.jpg
Use Fret's Remind to solve the picture puzzle.
4 Solved.jpg
Aftewards, simply remind Itsuki Kaneda of what he forgot. Love on the Brain complete!

Checkmate Pig Noise Locations

Cat Street

Location Noise Type Reward

Cat Street, Near the Entrance to Tokyu Plaza
Pig Bolero
Pig Mambo
Cupid Launcher

Shibuya Stream

Location Noise Type Reward

Shibuya Stream, Near Tacos y Mas Tacos
Pig Carol x2 (Light, Kinesis) 10,000 Yen

List of Pig Noise

Boss Guide: Susukichi/Mr. Mew/Grus Cantus


NEO TWEWY Susukichi Week 2

Susukichi's attack patterns are still the same from the last time you fought him. His punches are still slow, but lethal to your team's HP. With that, you can evade them when he telegraphs them or quickly switch to a character who is afar by hitting their assigned button, as your HP will only get damaged if your current character is hit.

How to Beat Susukichi (2nd fight)

Mr. Mew

Mr Mew Week 2
Similar to Susukichi, fighting Mr. Mew for the second time won't have any differences from the last you fought him on Week 2, Day 2. Just make sure to avoid the laser and twister attacks, and deal damage with pins of the Light affinity.

How to Beat Mr. Mew (2nd fight)

Grus Cantus

NEO TWEWY Grus Cantus Tsugumi
Grus Cantus swarms the battlefield with lasers and copies of itself, so be extra mindful to avoid attacks. Grus Cantus sometimes shuts off the lights, making you unable to target it for a time. During this time, it's better to just avoid its lasers, as going near it to attack makes it difficult to avoid the quick laser shots.

Avoid the trap orbs

Avoid the orbs that immobilize your characters most of all, as getting caught leads you to be barraged with lasers. If your character gets caught in it, immediately start attacking the orb with another character in order to set them free. You may also trigger a Mashup attack, if your Groove is over 100%, as a quick way to get the character out of the trap.

How to Beat Grus Cantus

Week 2 Completion Reward

Graffiti Unlock Condition
NEO TWEWY Fortnight GraffitiFortnight Complete the Final Day of Week 2
Week 2 Day 7 Walkthrough

Congratulations on making it through your second week. Complete the next week to further your Graffiti collection.

How to Get All Graffiti

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