NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Uber Pins Guide: List and How to Equip

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This is a guide on Uber Pins from the game NEO: The World Ends with You. Read on to learn what they are, how to equip them, and where to find them.

What Are Uber Pins?

Uber Pins are powerful pins that can only be equipped if you acquired a special skill.

List of Uber Pins

No. Name/Brand Max Level How to Obtain
011 Riled-Up Ribbon/Top o Topo 3 Noise
012 Topo the Talented/Top o Topo 3 Evolve
013 A Forlorn Treasure/Top o Topo 3 Noise
014 Cave of Secrets/Top o Topo 3 Evolve
016 Topo the Adventurous/Top o Topo 5 Noise
017 An Inseparable Pair/Top o Topo 3 Evolve
019 Top o' Topo/Top o Topo 7 Shop/Story
020 The Prismatic Princess/Top o Topo 5 Noise
021 The Benevolent King/Top o Topo 10 Noise
022 Hammond's New Home/Top o Topo 5 Evolve
023 Topo the Famished/Top o Topo 10 Noise
024 The Enchanted Baker/Top o Topo 5 Evolve
028 Killer Princess/Joli becot 8 Evolve
030 Wicked Wind/Joli becot 5 Shop
031 Sistah Subwoofer/Joli becot 8 Noise/Shop
032 Disco Divekick/Joli becot 3 Noise
041 Bad Romance/Joli becot 3 Shop
042 Seductive Snare/Joli becot 3 Shop
043 Deadly Fragrance/Joli becot 3 Noise
047 Primal Roar/Tigre Punks 6 Noise
052 Crusher Rush/Tigre Punks 5 Noise
053 Mosh 'n' Mash/Tigre Punks 3 Evolve
054 Fangs of Ice/Tigre Punks 5 Noise/Shop
055 Slashcicle/Tigre Punks 6 Noise/Evolve
057 Bright Chord/Tigre Punks 10 Shop
058 Clawed Guardian/Tigre Punks 8 Story
059 Bootleg Tune /Tigre Punks 7 Noise
060 Headliner/Tigre Punks 7 Evolve
061 Discordance/Tigre Punks 7 Noise/Shop
062 Maiden Beat/Tigre Punks 7 Evolve
073 Polar Princess/Cony x Cony 5 Noise
078 Gregoire Lapin/Cony x Cony 5 Noise
081 Seraphic Snow/Cony x Cony 3 Noise
086 RyuGu Void/RyuGu 7 Noise
087 HanaDoki Void/RyuGu 5 Noise
093 RaiJin Surge/RyuGu 5 Noise
094 HoGyoku Gleam/RyuGu 3 Story
095 KeiRyu Epoch/RyuGu 3 Noise
097 KoCho Void/RyuGu 3 Noise
099 Tsuzumi Echo/RyuGu 3 Shop
102 GoKa Blaze/RyuGu 3 Noise/Shop
104 FuJin Gale/RyuGu 3 Noise
105 IroGoi Shift/RyuGu 3 Noise
106 ShoRyu Gleam/RyuGu 8 Noise
108 Back on the Chain Bang/garagara 3 Story
109 Boom in the Night/garagara 3 Noise
110 Bee in Your Bomb-et/garagara 3 Noise
112 Snake in the Blast/garagara 5 Evolve
114 Be of Two Mines/garagara 3 Shop
117 Any Way You Snipe It/garagara 8 Shop/Story
118 garagara/garagara 5 Evolve
119 Shot in the Dank/garagara 5 Noise
120 Fuel to the Fire/garagara 3 Noise/Shop
121 Fire in the Belly/garagara 5 Noise
122 Ifs, Ands, or Bolts/garagara 7 Shop
123 Sparks Will Fly/garagara 5 Evolve
134 Born of Stormy Skies/Il Cavallo del Re 3 Noise
135 Lightning in My Hands/Il Cavallo del Re 3 Story
137 Blinded by the Light/Il Cavallo del Re 5 Shop
138 In My Misery/Il Cavallo del Re 5 Noise
140 Let the Storm Rage On/Il Cavallo del Re 3 Noise
141 Stay Gold/Il Cavallo del Re 5 Noise
142 Stay Beautiful/Il Cavallo del Re 3 Noise
143 Stuck in the Middle/Il Cavallo del Re 10 Shop
144 Time in a Bottle/Il Cavallo del Re 3 Noise
153 A Moonlit Night Inside/Shepherd House 3 Noise
154 The Woolly Triple Axel/Shepherd House 3 Evolve
164 Namikuguri/Jupiter of the Monkey 10 Story
166 Shishio/Jupiter of the Monkey 7 Noise/Shop
167 Fuchin/Jupiter of the Monkey 7 Evolve
170 Kurorushi/Jupiter of the Monkey 5 Noise
171 Honebami/Jupiter of the Monkey 3 Noise
175 Kitsunegasaki/Jupiter of the Monkey 6 Noise/Shop
176 Yukimitsu/Jupiter of the Monkey 8 Noise/Evolve
186 Kasen Kanesada/Jupiter of the Monkey 6 Noise
190 One Day Closer/Monocrow 10 Noise
191 Time is Relative/Monocrow 15 Noise/Evolve
192 No Turning Back/Monocrow 3 Shop
193 Trial Without Error/Monocrow 3 Evolve
198 Cut Me Down/Monocrow 3 Noise
199 Quench Your Thirst/Monocrow 3 Noise
200 Try It Again/Monocrow 5 Noise/Evolve
204 All Burned Out/Monocrow 3 Noise
206 Live Your Truth/Monocrow 3 Noise
208 You Can Overcome/Monocrow 7 Noise/Shop
209 Look Out Below/Monocrow 8 Noise
210 Absolute Relativity/Monocrow 3 Story
211 Relative Absoluteness/Monocrow 10 Shop
218 Zip-Zap Beam/Natural Puppy 3 Noise
220 Cupid Launcher/Natural Puppy 3 Noise
227 Oh Em Gee Lightning/Natural Puppy 5 Noise
231 Never Too Young/Hog Fang 5 Noise
232 Lost in Space/Hog Fang 10 Noise/Evolve
233 Rainbow Route 66/Hog Fang 5 Noise/Shop
234 Hogway to Heaven/Hog Fang 5 Evolve
239 HOG FANG/Hog Fang 10 Noise
240 Big Bang Boar/Hog Fang 5 Evolve
245 Runaway Rocket/Hog Fang 3 Story
246 HOG Healer/Hog Fang 10 Story
247 FANG Defender/Hog Fang 3 Shop
248 St. Ver's Uppercut/Gatto Nero 10 Noise
249 St. Aestas' Shrapnel/Gatto Nero 10 Noise
250 St. Autumnus' Strike/Gatto Nero 6 Story
252 Charge Punch E/Gatto Nero 3 Noise
253 Snare Trap E/Gatto Nero 6 Story
254 Black Cat Crush/Gatto Nero 3 Shop
255 Black Cat Cards /Gatto Nero 3 Noise
256 Black Cat Burst/Gatto Nero 3 Shop
257 Black Cat Comet/Gatto Nero 3 Noise
258 Black Cat Blades/Gatto Nero 5 Noise
259 Black Cat Burn/Gatto Nero 3 Noise
261 Hobblin' Hippo/croaky panic 3 Shop
262 croaky panic/croaky panic 3 Evolve
266 Kappa Panic/croaky panic 3 Noise
268 Slitherin' Snake/croaky panic 5 Evolve
271 Snap Crackle Popcorn/croaky panic 3 Noise
272 Sunny Side Skillet/croaky panic 3 Evolve
274 Golden Kappa Panic/croaky panic 3 Shop
275 Cursed Croaker/croaky panic 3 Shop
276 Roly Poly Cricket/croaky panic 3 Evolve
281 Just Keep Swimmin'!/Unbranded 10 Story
282 What a Shock!/Unbranded 10 Story
283 Stop the Music!/Unbranded 10 Story
284 Coochy-Coochy-Coo/Unbranded 3 Shop
286 Handstandin' Panda/Unbranded 3 Shop
287 Exercisin' Gator/Unbranded 3 Shop
288 Aw, That Shucks!/Unbranded 15 Shop
289 Holy Guacamole!/Unbranded 3 Shop
290 Thanks Very Moochi!/Unbranded 3 Shop
291 Frog/Unbranded 3 Noise
292 Raven/Unbranded 3 Noise
293 Grizzly/Unbranded 3 Noise
294 Jelly/Unbranded 3 Noise
295 Wolf/Unbranded 3 Noise
296 Shark/Unbranded 3 Noise
297 Stinger/Unbranded 3 Noise
298 Puffer/Unbranded 3 Noise
299 Rhino/Unbranded 3 Noise
300 Popguin/Unbranded 5 Noise
301 Leon/Unbranded 3 Noise
302 Pachy/Unbranded 3 Noise
303 Rex/Unbranded 3 Noise
304 Pig/Unbranded 3 Noise
305 Beringei/Unbranded 3 Noise
306 Cervus/Unbranded 3 Noise
307 Mr. Mew/Unbranded 3 Noise
308 Grus/Unbranded 3 Noise
309 Iris/Unbranded 3 Noise
310 Leo Armo/Unbranded 3 Noise
311 Shiba/Unbranded 3 Noise
312 Phoenix/Unbranded 3 Noise

To be updated!

How To Equip Uber Pins

Equipping the Uber Pin is similar to how you would equip a normal Pin but you need to unlock Fuya Kawahara's Social Network reward first. This will allow you to equip 1 Uber Pin. In order to equip more Uber Pins, you need to unlock skills from certain Social Network connections. Social Network Rewards related to Uber Pins are list in the table below.

Name Friendship Points When Unlock

Fuya Kawahara
6 Week 1 | Day 5 (Story Progress)

Kaichi "Susukichi" Susuki
6 Week 3 | Day 6 (Story Progress)

Shiba Miyakaze
6 Week 2 | Final Day (Once Susukichi is unlocked)

Kanon Tachibana
6 Week 3 | Day 3 (Story Progress)

Taka the Handyman
6 Week 2 | Day 5 - Complete Side Quest, Don't Stop Be-Leafing

Go Modoriyama
6 Week 3 | Day 1 - Complete Side Quest, Modoriyama Drama Llama

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