NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

List of All Pin Ensembles and Effects

NEO TWEWY All Pin Ensembles

This is a list of all Pin Ensembles in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on for a guide on how to form all Pin ensembles and their get their stat effects!

List of All Pin Ensembles

Heavenly Ensemble

Effect Increases Attack when using FuJin Gale against an enemy chained with RaiJin Surge.
Engraving "With FuJin/RaiJin..."


NEO TWEWY RaiJin Surge PinRaiJin Surge
(No. 093)
NEO TWEWY FuJin Gale PinFuJin Gale
(No. 104)

Lustrous Ensemble

Effect Increases reboot speed when Stay Gold and Stay Beautiful are worn concurrently.
Engraving "Light and dark, forever entwined."


NEO TWEWY Stay Gold PinStay Gold
(No. 141)
NEO TWEWY Stay Beautiful PinStay Beautiful
(No. 142)

Tenka Ensemble

Effect Increases attack speed and damage dealt when Tenka Juzumaru and Tenka Mikazuki are worn concurrently.
Engraving "May Tenka's twin swords be reunited."


NEO TWEWY Tenka Juzumaru PinTenka Juzumaru
(No. 168)
NEO TWEWY Tenka Mikazuki PinTenka Mikazuki
(No. 169)

Relativity Ensemble

Effect Increases Attack when using Absolute Relativity against an enemy knocked down by Relative Absoluteness.
Engraving "Magnetic dipoles are the way of the world."


NEO TWEWY Absolute Relativity PinAbsolute Relativity
(No. 210)
NEO TWEWY Relative Absoluteness PinRelative Absoluteness
(No. 211)

Revivify Ensemble

Effect Increases reboot speed when HOG Healer and FANG Defender are worn concurrently.
Engraving "Aligned, we shall create the ultimate sound."


NEO TWEWY HOG Healer PinHOG Healer
(No. 246)
NEO TWEWY FANG Defender PinFANG Defender
(No. 247)

Yearlong Ensemble

Effect Replenishes a large amount of team's HP relative to damage dealt, but only when all four pins are worn concurrently.
Engraving "Seasons' greetings."


NEO TWEWY St. VerSt. Ver's Uppercut
(No. 248)
NEO TWEWY St. AestasSt. Aestas' Shrapnel
(No. 249)
NEO TWEWY St. AutumnusSt. Autumnus' Strike
(No. 250)
NEO TWEWY St. HiemsSt. Hiems' Shotgun
(No. 251)

Catch-and-Release Ensemble

Effect Increases Attack when using Charge Punch E against an enemy tied up by Snare Trap E.
Engraving "A true friend shares your dreams."


NEO TWEWY Charge Punch E PinCharge Punch E
(No. 252)
NEO TWEWY Snare Trap E PinSnare Trap E
(No. 253)

Black Cat Ensemble

Effect Tremendously increases Attack when all six pins are worn concurrently.
Engraving "Naught is more ferocious than six felines combined."


NEO TWEWY Black Cat Crush PinBlack Cat Crush
(No. 254)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Cards  PinBlack Cat Cards
(No. 255)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Burst PinBlack Cat Burst
(No. 256)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Comet PinBlack Cat Comet
(No. 257)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Blades PinBlack Cat Blades
(No. 258)
NEO TWEWY Black Cat Burn PinBlack Cat Burn
(No. 259)

How to Get All Black Cat Pins

Yokai Ensemble

Effect Increases Attack when using Kappa Panic against an enemy drawn in by Golden Kappa Panic.
Engraving "Fill the mystic dish with moisture and light."
NEO TWEWY Kappa Panic PinKappa Panic
(No. 266)
NEO TWEWY Golden Kappa Panic PinGolden Kappa Panic
(No. 274)

Stop-and-Go Ensemble

Effect Immensely increases Attack when all three pins are worn concurrently.

The Stop-and-Go Ensemble is the only ensemble with each Pin having unique engravings, but all of their engravings are in question form.


NEO TWEWY Just Keep SwimminJust Keep Swimmin'!
(No. 281)
NEO TWEWY What a Shock! PinWhat a Shock!
(No. 282)
NEO TWEWY Stop the Music! PinStop the Music!
(No. 283)

What are Pin Ensembles?

NEO TWEWY Pin Ensemble

Form Pin Ensembles by simultaneously equipping Pins with the same engraving (located in Info section of Pin). When equipped, ensembles provide unique stat buffs that greatly help in combat.

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