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This is a walkthrough for all of Week 3, Day 1 side quests in the game NEO: The World Ends With you (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn more about where to find them, who to talk to, as well as the rewards for completing them!

Internet Trolls

Quest Overview

Location Expressway Underpass
Quest Giver Trader Ryoji
NEO TWEWY Shadow Matter PinShadow Matter (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Machastree Icon.pngMachastree


1 Ryoji.jpg
Head to Expressway Underpass and look for Ryoji. He is standing by his shop.
2 Problem.png
Talk to him to learn about the problem.
3 Fret
Afterwards, use Fret's Remind to solve the picture puzzle.
4 Person 1.jpg
Explore Expressway Underpass and look for people with green speech bubbles.
5 Person 1 Remind.jpg
Remind the person.
6 Person 2.jpg
Look for the second person with the green speech bubble.
7 Person 2 Remind.jpg
Remind the second person too.
8 Solved.png
Internet Trolls complete!


Quest Overview

Location Tipsy Tose Hall
Quest Giver Maito Minami
NEO TWEWY Dibaryon PinDibaryon FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Maito Minami Icon.pngMaito Minami


1 Tipsy Tose Hall Scene.jpg
Go to Tipsy Tose Hall and walk around to trigger a scene with Maito Minami - one of the Variabeauties.
2 Interact with Maito.png
After the scene, interact with Maito.
3 Fret
Use Fret's Remind to solve the picture puzzle.
4 Solved.jpg
Afterwards, simply talk to Maito again to complete the quest.

Modoriyama Drama Llama

Quest Overview

Location Udagawa Backstreets
Quest Giver Go Modoriyama
NEO TWEWY Shadow Matter PinShadow Matter (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Go Modoriyama Icon.pngGo Modoriyama


1 Udagawa Backstreets.jpg
Head to Udagawa Backstreets.
2 Head Left.png
Stop between the two flights of stairs then head left.
3 Go Modoriyama.jpg
You'll find a man named Go Modoriyama.
4 Problem.jpg
Interact with him and you'll realize he's possessed by noise.
5 Dive.jpg
Use Nagi's Dive to help him.
6 Defeat All Noise.jpg
Defeat all the noise. Make sure to equip pins with electric, poison, fire, water, darkness, and kinesis affinities to easily defeat the enemies.
7 Solved.jpg
Eliminating all of the noise will complete the side quest.

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