NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

How to Farm Friendship Points (FP)

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This is a guide on how to farm Friendship Points (FP) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn how to earn Friendship Points to unlock rewards in the Social Network!

How to Farm Friendship Points

Improve Relationships with Characters

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Friendship Points (FP) are earned when you improve your relationships with the characters on the Social Network of Shibuya. The Social Network features a wide range of characters; from participants in the Game to shop owners. Improve your relationships with these characters by completing their Quests.

Complete Side Quests

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The best way to farm FP is to complete the Side Quests that pop up apart from the main story. You can view currently available Side Quests via Rindo's rotating Mental Notes in the Thoughts menu. Side Quests vary per day, and their Timeframe for completion is listed in the Social Network tab.

Dive With Nagi

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Nagi's Dive Psych allows the team to enter a person's mind and exorcise the Noise there. Find a possessed person through Scan then press A (Switch) or Circle (PS4) to Dive.

Dive battles give lots of FP

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Defeat the Noise during the Dive battle as quick as possible in order to get a high ranking. Dive Battle Rankings are Bronze, Silver, and Gold only, with Gold giving out the highest total amount of FP.

Dive battles have multiple Reductions (rounds) and the timer on the upper right corner of the screen carries over between Reductions.

Diving with Nagi | All Dive Locations

Where to Use Friendship Points

Social Network Rewards

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Spend the FP you've earned in the Social Network tab as well. Each character has a Reward that you can trade an amount of FP for. The rewards are either Items (Pins, Threads, Food) or Skills (various gameplay features).

Social Network Guide and Best Rewards to Unlock

Unlock the Web of Connections

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The characters on the Social Network are connected via a web, meaning you have to purchase the Reward from a character in order to unlock their connections.

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