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Neku Sakuraba Overview

NEO TWEWY Neku Sakuraba

This is a guide for Neku Sakuraba in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn who is Neku, the legendary Player and protagonist of the previous TWEWY. Find out about his unique Threads and food preferences here.

Neku in NEO: TWEWY


Who is Neku NEO TWEWY.jpg

Neku Sakuraba A legendary Player and friend of Beat's who changed Shibuya's fate in the Reapers' Game three years ago. He returned to Shibuya after learning it was in trouble. When it comes to using psychs, his prowess is nearly unmatched.
Affiliation Wicked Twisters
Voice Actor: English: Jesse David Corti
Japanese: Koki Uchiyama

Neku Pins Mutation

Pin Psych Stats
NEO TWEWY Riled-Up Ribbon PinRiled-Up Ribbon Homing Rockets
Launch up to 10 rockets at your target. Lock on to multiple foes by changing targets while charging. Enemies will be knocked back on impact. Chance of chaining the enemy.

Max. Power: 1204
Limit: 1 time
Reboot: 21 seconds
NEO TWEWY Classical Cacophany PinClassical Cacophany Dynamite Darts
Shoot an exploding arrow at the target. Fire 12 arrows within a fixed time to trigger a massive explosion that knocks back any nearby enemies.

Max. Power: 227
Limit: 24 times
Reboot: 6 seconds
NEO TWEWY Jupiter of the Monkey II PinJupiter of the Monkey II Vortex Saber
Close in on your target and slice them. Keep attacking to unleash 2 whirling slashes that knock the enemy back.

Max. Power: 896
Limit: 12 times
Reboot: 12 seconds

List of All Pin Mutations

Neku Threads

Name Stats Ability Where to Get
NEO TWEWY Leather ShoesLeather Shoes ATK: +34
DEF: +56

Req. STYLE: 150
Neku: ATK Boost IV

Enormously increases Neku's Attack when he wears this.
Joli becot PARCO Branch
NEO TWEWY Gilded BamboGilded Bambo ATK: +111

Req. STYLE: 180
Neku: Jackpot

Increases the drop rate by 5 when Neku wears this.
RyuGu (Shibuya Hikarie)
NEO TWEWY Samsara SneakersSamsara Sneakers ATK: +42
DEF: +64

Req. STYLE: 150
Neku: DEF Boost IV

Enormously increases Neku's Defense when he wears this.
Jupiter of the Monkey (Cat Street)
NEO TWEWY Naraka RucksackNaraka Rucksack HP: +69

Req. STYLE: 80
Neku: Second Wind II

Greatly increases Attack when Neku wears this while in mortal peril.
Jupiter of the Monkey (Cat Street)
NEO TWEWY JumpsuitJumpsuit HP: +173
DEF: +173

Req. STYLE: 150
Neku: HP Boost IV

Enormously increases the team's HP when Neku wears this.
Gatto Nero (104 Building)

List of Threads

Neku Food Preferences

Shop Neku Favorite
Favorite Food
NEO TWEWY Hachiko CafeHachiko Cafe
(Scramble Crossing)
Hachiko Blend
Iced Cold Brew
Ice Cream Float
NEO TWEWY Justice BurgerJustice Burger
(Scramble Crossing)
Cheesy Champion
Fearless Fishwich
Justice Burger
NEO TWEWY Kyoto SweetsKyoto Sweets
(Shibuya Hikarie)
NEO TWEWY Donburi TownDonburi Town
(Center Street)
Matsuzaka Beef Bowl
Hokkaido Bounty Bowl
Tokyo Roast Beef Bowl
Grand Slam Meat Bowl
NEO TWEWY Glutton 4 GlutenGlutton 4 Gluten
(Center Street)
Dandan Noodles
Topsy-Turvy Noodles
Sinful Noodles
NEO TWEWY Suzu SlurpzSuzu Slurpz
Shoyu Ramen
Salty Lemon Ramen
Spicy Miso Ramen
NEO TWEWY Spicy Curry DonSpicy Curry Don
Triple Triad Plate
NEO TWEWY Crowned CurryCrowned Curry
Masala Dosa
NEO TWEWYVegeloversVegelovers
(Tower Records Shibuya)
Avocado Toast
Veggie Soup Special
NEO TWEWY BubblevisionBubblevision
(Spain Hill)
Boba Milk Tea
Mango Boba Milk Tea
Muscovado Boba Latte
(Tipsy Tose Hall)
Rotisserie Chicken
Churrasco Skewer
NEO TWEWY Udagawa ParfaitUdagawa Parfait
(Udagawa Backstreets)
Ruby Chocolate Delight
Ladies' Night Parfait
NEO TWEWY Moyai MartMoyai Mart
(West Exit Bus Terminal)
Pickled Plum Onigiri
Salmon Onigiri
Between-Act Bento
Fried Chicken
Bowl of Oden
NEO TWEWY somedrinkssomedrinks
(Shibuya Stream)
Orange Tea
Orange Tea Fizz
NEO TWEWY Tacos y Mas TacosTacos y Mas Tacos
(Shibuya Stream)
Hearty Beef Tacos
NEO TWEWY fluffy fluffy 'n' sweet
(Miyashita Park)
Farm-Fresh Cream Cone
NEO TWEWY Asia FantasiaAsia Fantasia
(Tokyu Plaza)
Cheesy Corndog
Takoyaki Tray
NEO TWEWY Cutie PiesCutie Pies
(Takeshita Street)
Fluffy Pancake Stack
Chocomint Shaved Ice

Best Food to Raise Each Stat

Neku Social Network Reward

Reward Protag Partners
Description Sometimes increases the Groove earned from Beatdrop combos performed by Neku and Rindo.
FP Cost 3
Timeframe Week 3 | Day 4

Social Network Best Rewards

Neku Backstory (TWEWY)

Entering the Reapers' Game (Week 1)

Neku Player Pin TWEWY

Neku was a former Player of the Reapers' Game that took place 3 years prior to the events in NEO: TWEWY. He was thrust into the Reaper's Game with no recollection of anything other than his name.

Allying with Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme

Neku and Shiki Pact
In order to survive the Reaper's Game, he reluctantly partnered up with Shiki Misaki, another Player. Along the way, they met Beat and Rhyme, another pair of Players.

Almost Erasing Shiki

Neku Erasing Shiki

On Day 2, after completing their mission for the day, Uzuki Yashiro, a Reaper, told Neku that he can leave the game immediately by erasing Shiki. Shiki begged Neku not to but Neku, wanting the leave the Game as soon as possible, started to erase Shiki.

Sanae Hanekoma stepped in, as the Reaper's order was against the rules. Hanekoma lectured Neku on how he has to trust his partner to survive the Game and told him to apologize. Neku apologized and Shiki forgave him. After that incident, Neku started showed less hostility to her and tried to open up more to others.

The Game Continues

At the end of the first week, the Reapers' Game concluded with Neku, Shiki, and Beat as the only survivors. Shiki chose to return to the RG, while Neku got his memories back. Unfortunately, Neku needed to survive the Reapers' Game again in order to return to the RG as well, so he re-entered the Reapers' Game with the Conductor choosing Shiki as his entry fee.

Neku and Joshua (Week 2)

Pact with Joshua

Neku and Joshua Pact
Neku met Joshua at the start of the second week and got him to be his new partner. Joshua's introverted and pessimistic behavior annoyed Neku but he has no choice but to complete missions with him.

Is Joshua his killer?

Neku and Joshua
During Week 2, Neku met Minamimoto, the week's Game Master. Everytime Neku, Minamimoto, and Joshua were together, Neku experienced severe mental strain, which later prompted him to scan Joshua and find out that Joshua was responsible for his death. Joshua merely brushed off Neku's confrontation.

Confronting Minamimoto

At the final day of week 2, Neku and Joshua's mission was to defeat Minamimoto. During the battle, Joshua stepped in front of a flare that Minamimoto unleashed and sacrificed himself to save Neku.

As a result, Neku alone technically won the game, but the victory was considered null and void due to illegal means. It's revealed Joshua entered the game even though he's still alive.

Week 3 (Final Week)

Pact with Beat

Neku and Beat Pact
Partnerless again, Neku woke up for a third time in the Reapers' Game. Eventually, Beat, who joined the ranks of the Reapers, eventually recognized Neku's hopeless state and strips off his title to partner with him.

Winning the Reapers' Game

The mission of the entire Week 3 was simply to find and defeat the week's Game Master. After defeating her on the final day, the pair had to face off against the Game's Conductor in order to finally save the minds of Shiki and other people in Shibuya.

Truth about Joshua revealed

Neku, along with Beat and Shiki, managed to beat the Conductor, even when it transformed into Noise. After the grueling battle, Neku found out that Joshua did indeed kill him in order to make Neku his proxy for the final Reaper's Game.

It's also revealed that Joshua was the Game's Composer, who believed that humanity was growing more corrupt, and was determine to reset humanity by destroying Shibuya.

Saving Shibuya

After learning the truth of the game, Neku had a standoff with Joshua to determine the fate of Shibuya. Despite wanting to save Shibuya, Neku couldn't bring himself to kill Joshua. Joshua, on the other hand, nonchalantly shoots Neku, sealing his fate. Neku woke up in Shibuya again, but alive and not in the Reapers' Game anymore.

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