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Week 1, Day 2: Get Twisted Chapter Guide and Walkthrough

NEO TWEWY - Get Twisted Day 2

This is a walkthrough for Get Twisted, Week 1, Day 2 of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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The Reapers' Game Get Twisted Deep Dive

Get Twisted Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week 1
Day 2
Boss Go-go Beringei
While the freshly-formed Wicked Twisters know they have to win in order to escape the Game, the stakes have yet to truly hit home. Their confusion grows when they learn the Shibuya around them is actually the "UG," a purgatorial plane cut off entirely from the outside world.

Pins You Get in this Chapter

Event Reward
After exchanging the Midaregami Pin to the Reaper near the 104 Building. NEO TWEWY Sugar Beam PinSugar Beam
After unlocking the alley way in Dogenzaka. NEO TWEWY Marvelous Crash PinMarvelous Crash
After reminding MKN at Tsutaya O-East of her graffiti. NEO TWEWY Azamaru PinAzamaru

Get Twisted Main Objectives

Find the riddles sketched on the city's canvas

1 NEO TWEWY - Construction Site.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to the construction site.
Go towards the yellow building and interact with the construction sign to find the first riddle.
2 NEO TWEWY - Enter 104.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngEnter the 104 Building district.
Follow the waypoint to enter the 104 Building district. After a brief cutscene, you will be fighting against the Noise.
3 NEO TWEWY - 104 Balcony.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngReach the balcony of 104.
Use the stairs next to the 104 to reach the balcony where the second riddle will be.

Show that Reaper a No. 163 Midaregami pin

4 NEO TWEWY - Dogenzaka Entrance.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to Dogenzaka.
Head to the entrance of Dogenzaka where you'll get stopped by the Reaper. He will ask you a No. 163 Midaregami pin in order to pass through the next district. If you already have the pin, simply interact with the Reaper again to enter Dogenzaka. Otherwise, you can farm the pin from the Noise in the area.

Find the last sketched riddle

5 NEO TWEWY - Alley.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngLook for the final riddle in the alley.
Once you're in Dogenzaka, turn right and then enter the alley on your left. The final riddle will be on the wall in the middle of the area.

Use Fret's powers to remind people about MKN/Scan the area for someone who saw MKN

6 NEO TWEWY - Reminder 1.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngUse Fret's powers to remind people.
After investigating the riddle, activate your scanner to use Fret's powers. Solve the puzzle to continue with the story.
7 NEO TWEWY - Remind Man About MKN.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngRemind the man to learn about MKN's location.
After solving the puzzle, keep your scanner activated and return to the main road and interact with the man reading the newspaper. Solve the puzzle to remind the man about MKN.

Follow MKN to O-EAST/Remind the Reaper of their mission

8 NEO TWEWY - OEAST Entrance.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngRemind the Reaper.
Knowing MKN's location, follow the waypoint heading towards O-EAST. The Reaper will refuse you entry initially, but reminding the Reaper using Fret's powers should do the trick.

Win a 2-reduction chain battle at Dogenzaka, then return to the Reaper

9 NEO TWEWY - Chain 2 Battles.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChain 2 Noise battles.
After reminding the Reaper, you'll be tasked to win a 2-reduction chain battle. To do this, activate your scanner and lure in 2 Noise symbols to chain their battle. Win both battles to enter O-EAST.

Look for MKN around O-EAST

10 NEO TWEWY - MKN.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngLook for MKN around O-EAST.
Enter O-EAST and look for MKN, who is standing on a corner wearing an all orange outfit.
11 NEO TWEWY - Reminder 2.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngUse scanner to remind MKN.
Use Fret's powers once again to remind MKN and learn more about today's riddle.

Head to 104 and solve today's riddle

12 NEO TWEWY - Gorilla Boss Fight.png
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngReturn to 104 and fight the boss.
Make your way back to the 104 Building district and solve today's riddle by fighting the boss. Check out our Boss Guide below on how to defeat it.

Get Twisted Pig Noise Location


Location Noise Type Reward

Dogenzaka, Front of Heigh-Ho
Pig Samba 5,000 Yen

List of Pig Noise

Boss Strategy: Go-go Beringei

Evade the Go-go Beringei's Attacks As Much As Possible

NEO TWEWY - Go-go Beringei.png

The Go-go Beringei's attacks can inflict some serious damage to your HP, so it's best to avoid them as much as possible. Luckily, the boss telegraphs its attacks, making it manageable to evade them. Quickly switch to a character who is afar by hitting their assigned button, as your HP will only get damaged if your current character is hit.

How to Beat Go-go Beringei

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