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NEO TWEWY Sinful Ramen Puzzle

This is a guide on the Spot the Difference puzzles in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn more how to solve both Spot the Difference puzzles in the game.

Sinful Ramen Puzzle Solution

Find Sinful Ramen

NEO TWEWY Sinful Ramen

Sinful Ramen puzzle is part of Ryoji's mission (Figure out Ryoji's Direct Line) in Week 1 - Day 4. You can find the Sinful Ramen at the ramen shop in Center Street. Head over to the Glutton 4 Gluten restaurant (which is right across Donburi Town). Interact with the !! store sign in front of Glutton 4 Gluten to trigger a Spot the Difference Puzzle.

Select the #1 in a Triangle

NEO TWEWY Spot the Difference Puzzle - Sinful Ramen

You will be tasked to spot the difference between a list of numbers within different shapes. The correct answer is the #1 within a triangle, because it's the only one that doesn't have a matching shape.

Completing the puzzle will give you a one of the numbers to Ryoji's direct line, which is the overall Mission for Week 1, Day 4.

Week 1, Day 4 Chapter Walkthrough

Sinful Ramen Puzzle Reward

Correctly answering the Spot the Difference puzzle will give you Ryoji's direct line and a 5,000 Yen pin.

Expressway Underpass Puzzle Solution

Spot the Five Differences Between the Two Images

During the Inversion chapter, you'll be tasked to find hidden keys all over Shibuya in order to rescue Rindo. One of the keys will require you to spot the five differences between the two images set in the Expressway Underpass.

Check the image above to see all five differences and continue reading below for a breakdown of the answers, which you can see on the right photo.

  • The graffiti on the bottom-right corner of the photo.
  • The road markings below the footbridge.
  • There is a traffic light in the middle of the footbridge.
  • The road on the right with no cars has road markings.
  • There are less windows on the building below the billboard.

Week 2, Day 5 Chapter Walkthrough

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