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Final Time Attack Guide (Time Trial)

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This article is a guide for the Final Time Attack Guide (Time Trial) in the game NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn more about its location, mechanics, the number of reductions, bosses you'll encounter, tips & tricks on how to finish it, and the rewards.

Final Time Trial Location


Final Time Attack is a post-game content that you can only access in Another Day.

At the beginning of the chapter, talk to the Reaper near the entrance of the 104 building area then talk to Hishima beside the Hachiko Statue. Doing this will also make Coco appear in Takeshita Street where you can begin the challenge by simply talking to her.

Another Day, Party in the 'Buya: Chapter Guide and Walkthrough

Final Time Trial Mechanics

The Final Time Trial is a boss rush of all the strongest enemies you've encountered in the game. In this challenge, you'll need to defeat all of them as fast as you can.

Change Pins and Threads After Every Reduction

Unlike a typical chain of noise, the Final Time Trial lets you change your pins and threads after every reduction. Use this feature to equip pins and threads that would go great against each boss.

Final Time Trial Reductions and Bosses

The Final Time Trial has a total of 11 reductions.

No. Boss Name Weaknesses
1 Go-go Beringei
Fire Icon.png Sound Icon.png Burst.png
2 Fuya NEO Twewy Weakness - Poison.png
3 Motoi NEO TWEWY Noisepedia Time Icon.png
4 Susukichi Ice Icon.png
5 Mr. Mew Light Icon.png
6 Grus Cantus Stone Icon.png
7 Iris Cantus Fire Icon.png
8 Leo Cantus Armo Water.png
9 Cervus Cantus Burst.png
10 Shiba wind
11 Phoenix Cantus -

Final Time Trial Tips and Tricks

Use the Black Cat Ensemble

Black Cat Ensemble.png

The Black Cat Ensemble is a great set of pins against the bosses you'll encounter in the Final Time Trial. The pins' synergy is really good and they can even apply status effects on your enemies.

As a bonus, the pins' damage massively increases when you equip them altogether.

How to Get All Black Cat Pins

Use the Yearlong Ensemble

Yearlong Ensemble.png

If you want to stay healthy all throughout the trial, you can equip the Yearlong Ensemble. The enemies you will encounter will definitely hurt so it's wise to have pins that can help your team stay alive for a long time.

List of All Pin Ensembles and Effects

Utilize Your Threads

Threads help a lot when it comes to battles. Aim for threads with Regen, Attack Boost, and Def Boost to help you stay healthy throughout the fight. You can also equip threads that have Rapid Reboot to lessen the cooldown of your pins.

Best Threads for Each Character

Easy Way to Farm Boss Drops

Since the Final Time Trial is considered as a normal chain battle, it is definitely the easiest way to farm the bosses' drops. Simply set the difficulty to whatever you'd like and do the Final Time Trial all over again until you get the drops that you want.

Final Time Trial Rewards

Graffiti and Tomonami's Blade

Bring the Noise.png

Completing Final Time Trial will earn you the graffiti Bring the Noise, as well as Tomonami's Blade.

How to Get All Graffiti

Secret Ending

Another Day Secret Ending.jpg

Completing Coco's Final Trial is also needed to unlock the Secret Ending.

Here are all the things you should do to unlock Another Day's Secret Ending:

Another Day Secret Ending Unlock Requirements

How to Get the Secret Ending

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