NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Differences Between Switch and PS4 Versions

This is a guide to knowing the difference between the PS4 and Switch versions of the game NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). To know which game version is best for you, read on!

Available Platforms

NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY) is available on each of the platforms listed below.

Current Gen Platforms

  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (Coming Soon later this year!)

Next Gen Platforms

  • PS5

Available Platforms

Key Differences between the PS and Switch Versions

PS Version and Switch Version

PS Version Switch Version
109_ps4_cvs_2d_fob_na-izvVPRH1x.jpeg 109_nsw_cvs_2d_fob_na-rcwj8vrip-9P3X0Em-Q.jpeg

The PlayStation offers a more graphic experience when it comes to gameplay while sacrificing portability. On the brightside, the PS Version offers an Avatar Set as a Pre-Order Bonus.

The Switch, while offering only a fraction of framerate slower, is the best version for players who are always on the go and would want to play anywhere without limits.

Both games are available for a digital and physical copy, however the right version will always depend on your chosen preference and lifestyle.
All Game Editions and Bonuses

Unavailable Platforms

Android / iOS

Currently, there are no plans for NEO: TWEWY to be offered on mobile. A similar game in the series, The World Ends With You, is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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