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This is a guide to all of the enemies included in the Marvel's Avengers Game. Learn more about the enemies that you'll go against and where to find them by reading on below!

List of Enemies


Enemy Description
SynthoidSynthoid Utilized across all of AIM holdings, the standard Synthoid can be found in almost all industries - from food service, to security, to emergency medical response. When necessary, a Synthoid can subdue targets and effectively engage in armed combat.
Prime Adept SynthoidPrime Adept Synthoid Designed for large scale construction projects, the Prime Adept Synthoid is capable of carrying and manipulating large objects such as rebar, support beams, and other building materials. When tasked with combat duties, it is armed with a large, charged rod and notable upgrades to armor.
Prime Cryo SynthoidPrime Cryo Synthoid The Prime Cryo Synthoid is normally deployed into damaged, war torn enviornments to quickly repair and reinforce collapsing structures. When acting on AIM security protocols, it uses its charged rod to quickly chill and immobalize unautharized intruders.
Cryo SynthoidCryo Synthoid This standard AIM Synthoid was modified to chill and immobilize dangerous laboratory experiments. It can sometimes be deployed as a combat unit, utilizing its cold based abilities to control the battle field. Don't step on the ice.
Elite SynthoidElite Synthoid Equipped with a powerful laser weapon, this Elite Synthoid is specifically used for corporate security and police actions. Elite Synthoids are called in when suspected Inhumans refuse to cooperate with AIM authorities.
Prime Aegis SynthoidPrime Aegis Synthoid This variation on the Prime Adept is used for hazardous construction duties and is outfitted with a defensive energy shield and Terrigen energy infused truncheon.
SPIN SynthoidSPIN Synthoid Utilizing AIM's proprietary Super-Power inhibiting Nanobots, the SPIN Synthoid can quickly drain energy from Inhumans and Avengers alike.
These units should be dealt with before all others on the field of battle.
Adept SynthoidAdept Synthoid The Adept Synthoid is an incredibly versatile and dangerous combat model, designed to relentlessly hunt down and disable their targets.
Not only can the Adept Synthoid make use of AIM's short-range quantum teleportation technology to dodge and weave around the battlefield, but every time they teleport will leave behind a gravity well grenade.
They are also equipped with suppression projectiles, and smart-tracking projectile mini-drones capable of seeking out enemies until destroyed.


Enemy Description
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid This base frame model is AIM's standard combat Synthoid. It operates at limited range, but tends to swarm its intended target in large numbers. This model is the foundation of all Synthoid variations.
Plague Proto-SynthoidPlague Proto-Synthoid Once used by AIM to fumigate their laboratories to eradicate rodents, this repurposed combat unit will charge its target, emitting a deadly toxic gas on impact. Avoid the gas, as it will poison any who linger too close.
Blitz Proto-SynthoidBlitz Proto-Synthoid Originally designed for specialized mining operations, these Synthoids have been repurposed for close quarters combat. They are programmed to launch themselves at targets and explode on impact. Listen for the sounds of these enemies calculating their devastating charge attack. Use ranged attacks to destroy them at a distance.


Enemy Description
RiotbotRiotbot The AIM Riotbot can be found in many cities across America, deployed on the streets to uphold law and order. When Avenger symphatizers get out of hand, these Synthoids are ready to control the angry mob. They have a powerful shield and ranged grenades.
Stilleto RiotbotStilleto Riotbot Equipped with charged swords and defensive field, the Stiletto Riotbot is usually deployed to cut through barricades and other makeshift barriers.
Beware electrical damage when vaulting overhead.
Phase RiotbotPhase Riotbot This experimental Riotbot uses phase shifting technology to bypass walls, doors - basically anything in it's way.
It is also invulnerable when phased and uses the ability to avoid taking damage.


Enemy Description
KeeperKeeper Colloquially referred to as Beekeepers, these AIM foot soldiers act as security personnel across AIM's holdings. Armed with a projectile weapon, they are rarely a threat alone but in large numbers, they can pose a challenge to even the most seasoned Avenger.
Aero KeeperAero Keeper When not cleaning the windows of AIM tower, Aero Keepers double as security personnel. Outfitted with a jetpack and attacking with ranged weapons from the air, these enemies can easily be grappled out of the sky, making them much less threatening.
Cryo KeeperCryo Keeper The Cryo Keepers usually work in cold laboratory environments, overseeing sensitive samples and live organ transportation. When deployed in combat, they use deadly, cryo-modified weaponry. Their attacks chill and immobilize targets.
Aegis KeeperAegis Keeper The Aegis Keeper squad is often deployed in populated areas to deal with rioting Resistance fighters. Equipped with a superior energy shield, these soldiers are skill at close-range combat. Use power attacks to break their shields.
Purge KeeperPurge Keeper Equipped with caustic chemical weaponry, Purge Keepers are tasked with keeping AIM laboratories sparkling clean. If necessary, they will use their weapons to defend AIM holdings against aggressive Resistance fighters. Avoid the gas from their toxic grenades.
PeacekeeperPeacekeeper Using AIM's advanced Void-Tech generators, these long-distance ranged Keepers are trained in teleportation maneuvers to quickly enter and exit hazardous environments. When not rescuing kittens from burning buildings, they can be found on the battlefield, evading their opponents and attacking from a distance. Hard to pin down, but easily dispatched if you can get close enough.
Elite PeacekeeperElite Peacekeeper Elite Peacekeepers are highly trained ranged combatants capable of taking out targets from a long distance. Their Void-Tech suits allow them to quickly teleport across the battefield, making them a slippery target. Their sniper attack can be devastating, requiring precision timing to evade.
Adept KeeperAdept Keeper Specialized Keepers. Projectiles track their target until destroyed.
SPIN KeeperSPIN Keeper The SPIN Keeper squad utilized 'Super Power Inhibiting Nanobots' in their weaponry, specifically designed to drain Inhuman and Avenger special abilities.
Deadly at range, it is essential to close the distance with these elite soldiers and take them out fast.


Enemy Description
Monotronic ExoMonotronic Exo These massive mechanical suits are worn by AIM personnel and are usually used to move equipment and heavy cargo. They are equally effective in combat situations, allowing human drivers to attack with super-human strength and deadly weaponry. Watch for its heavy attacks that affect large areas. Target the Monotronic Exo's back for bonus damage.
Cryotronic ExoCryotronic Exo A specialized version of the Monotronic Exo suit, built to chill and immobilize targets.
Elite ExoElite Exo This experimental Exo suit is more powerful, more dangerous, and possibly unstable.
If damaged enough, it will explode in a deadly blast radius. Avoid at all costs.


Enemy Description
Swarm DroneSwarm Drone These specialized drones provide advanced shielding to AIM units in close proximity, making them invulnerable to your attacks.
Take out Swarm Drones before any other enemy.
Plague DronePlague Drone Equipped with a deadly chemical payload, this modified security drone is used to control large crowds. Avoid the toxic green clouds produced by this unit's projectile.
Security DroneSecurity Drone This standard AIM security drone is equipped with light defensive weaponry. AIM deploys these drones to observe and report suspicious activity.
Adept DroneAdept Drone Drone Adept's use specialized projectiles that slowly track their targets and can fly for an extended period of time. Try destroying Adept projectiles rather than avoiding or Countering them.
SPIN DroneSPIN Drone These specialized SPIN drones use 'Super Power Inhibiting Nanobots' in their weaponry, specifically designed to drain Inhuman and Avenger special abilities, making them especially dangerous if left unattended.
Prioritize SPIN Drones to avoid losing special ability energy.


Enemy Description
AdaptoidAdaptoid AIM's most advanced AI combat Synthoid, the Adaptoid was designed to utilize powers replicated from Inhuman research.
The base model Adaptoid uses a standard optic beam weapon and is skilled at range and melee combat. Adaptoids are capable of self-repair, so always finish them off in combat.
Cryo AdaptoidCryo Adaptoid The Cryo Adaptoid has been infused with ice-based abilities harvested from Inhumans with similar powers. These attacks can slow and freeze opponents - avoid them if possible.
Assault AdaptoidAssault Adaptoid The Assault Adaptoid has been infused with fire-based abilities harvested from Inhumans with similar powers. This Adaptoid emits an extremely high temperature aura - don't linger too close for too long and attack from a distance.
Adept AdaptoidAdept Adaptoid The Adept Adaptoid has been infused with harvested telekinetic abilities. It can threaten all heroes at once with it's quantum spike attack, and protects itself by controlling debris to create a shield.
Use ranged attacks to destroy it piece by piece.


Enemy Description
ReaperReaper The Reaper Mercenaries are trained in deadly hand-to-hand combat and a variety of ranged weapons. Far from a run-of-the-mill gun for hire, they appear to be trained to specifically challenge SHIELD and the Avengers. The question of who has trained them and to what end bears further investigation.
Aero ReaperAero Reaper Specialized mercenaries equipped with jetpacks. Aero Reapers are trained in aerial maneuvering and combat - specifically to deal with flying heroes such as Iron Man and Thor.
Assault ReaperAssault Reaper Assault Reapers have been mentally conditioned to keep their cool in the most dangerous situations (as long as they get paid!). They are experts in ranged and close combat, and when working together, they pose a serious threat to even the most seasoned hero.
Aegis ReaperAegis Reaper Aegis Reapers are equipped with advanced shields, which appear to have been stolen from a SHIELD equipment convoy bound for deep storage. Specializing in defensive tactics, these Aegis Reapers get up close and personal with their opponents.


Enemy Description

Watch Dogs

Enemy Description
SkydogSkydog To support his ground based brothers, the Skydog utilizes a jetpack to attack from above and stay out of reach. Use heavy and special attacks to knock this dog out of the sky.
ShockmuttShockmutt Hired mainly for riot control and heavy combat, the Shockmutt specializes in classic shock and awe tactics. He is very difficult to take down, and he will close distance with opponents when possible.
HellhoundHellhound Dedicated to the eradication of Inhumans and other 'undesirables', the Watchdogs have been recruited by AIM for a variety of search and destroy missions. Armed with a devastating flame thrower, the Hellhound specializes in destruction of property. So, when AIM needs evidence destroyed, the Hellhound is hired to light some fires. He will just as happily turn his weapons against live targets - so keep at a distance if possible.


Enemy Description
TaskmasterTaskmaster Tony Masters, AKA Taskmaster was once a rank and file SHIELD agent with a special ability of mimicking the abilities of his targets. But because of his aggressive attitude and questionable methods he was dishonorably discharged from SHIELD. Hoping to one day exact revenge on his former employer, Taskmaster sought his fortune on the independent market, selling his skills to the highest bidder.
AbominationAbomination Formerly, a military spy, Emil Blonsky volunteered for AIM's human gamma experiments under the direction of Monica Rappaccini. The experiment transformed him permanently into Abomination - an extremely strong and physically imposing monster. But, unlike his counterpart the Hulk, Abomination retained the memories and intellect of his human form.
WarbotWarbot AIM's Warbot was originally designed for use as a deep earth mining machine. But as the Resistance gained traction, versions of the machine were weaponized to humt down Inhuman safe-houses. This complex AI-driven combat mech can withstand attacks from large groups of enemies. Its armor is impenetrable, but the Warbot's air vents may be vulnerable.
Monica Rappaccini (Exo)Monica Rappaccini (Exo) This modified Monotronic Exo suit was designed specifically for close combat with super-powered opponents, such as rogue inhumans. Dr. Rappaccini has personally tested the suit herself and made additoinal modifications to increase its effectiveness.
WarshipWarship This AIM aerial weapons platform was built to enforce order in times of unrest. It can patril vast areas withstand attacks from large groups of enemies. The Warship is equipped with advanced self-healing nano-bot technology, making it extremely difficult to destroy in combat.
MODOKMODOK Once DR. George Tarleton, he is now the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. MODOK believes in science above all else and seeks to replace the super-powered individuals with machines that he alone can control. In his twisted world view, he must destroy Inhumans and Avengers alike to save humanity.

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