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Alone Against AIM Walkthrough: All Chest Locations and Enemy List

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This is a walkthrough for the Mission Alone Against AIM in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for completing the mission.

Alone Against AIM General Info

Mission Information

Mission Alone Against AIM
Type Campaign
Mission Power 10
Reward Rare or Better Gear
Description AIM is conducting dangerous experiments with Tony's Arc Reactor technology in a laboratory in Manhattan. To get the Chimera's engines back online, Tony must infiltrate the lab and steal the necessary equipment.

Alone Against AIM Walkthrough

1 Locate the AIM facility by following the main objective marker.
There are other markers that will appear when using Tactical Awareness that lead you to extra objectives and bonus rewards.
2 Stand on the marker until the progress bar is completely filled and keep the area secure.
AIM facility.jpg
3 Go inside the facility and use the elevator.
4 Enter the arc reactor chamber and sabotage it by destroying the all 4 reactor cores.

Alone Against AIM Tips and Strategy

Utilize Tactical Awareness

Always use Tactical Awareness by pressing Up on the Dpad to track your main objective. This also locates sub-objectives that will lead you to chests and materials.

Alone Against AIM Enemies

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Prime Adept SynthoidPrime Adept Synthoid They have uninterruptible attacks so time your dodge as they attack and counter back.
Elite SynthoidElite Synthoid They dodge and have uninterruptible laser attacks. Dodge and counter.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
RiotbotRiotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
KeeperKeeper They have slow recharge times so get closer to them and beat them with melee attacks.
Monotronic ExoMonotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to stagger. Dodge and counter its attacks.
Swarm DroneSwarm Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
Security DroneSecurity Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
Blitz Proto-SynthoidBlitz Proto-Synthoid Before it explodes, it will stop for a few seconds. Destroy it quickly during this opening.

Alone Against AIM Chest Locations

Chest Locations
Found near the resistance member marked by an objective marker.
Found at a building in front of the AIM facility.
Marked by an objective marker and is guarded by AIM forces.
Found at a launchpad near the AIM facility.
You can find this chest as soon as you enter the AIM facility.
Found on a truck behind the AIM facility.

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Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign (Reassemble) Missions

1. I Want to Be an Avenger 2. The Light that Failed
3. New Normal 4. The Road Back
5. To Find Olympia * The Chimera
6. Missing Links 7. House Call
* The Chimera
(Tony Stark)
8. Armor Chase
9. Alone Against AIM 10. The Dogs of War
11. The Ant Hill 12. Breakout
13. To Stand Alone * The Chimera
(Black Widow)
14. Once an Avenger... 15. Agony and the Ant Hill
16. Testing 1... 2... 3... * The Chimera
(Captain America)
17. Starktech Outfits 18. Mayhem Over Manhattan
19. By Force of Mind - -


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