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Possible Upcoming DLC Characters

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What other characters will join the superpowered roster of the Marvel's Avengers game? Read here to see what possible DLC additions we might get after the game releases.

NOTE: Some of these DLC additions are purely speculation and will be marked as such.

Confirmed DLC Characters

Hawkeye (Free)

Avengers Hawkeye.JPG
Hawkeye has been a confirmed post-release hero by Square Enix. He'll also be free, so you don't need to pay to get the legendary archer on your team!

Kate Bishop (Free)

Kate Bishop.png
Kate has been announced along with Hawkeye to be a post-release DLC hero. She is going to be released alongside her Story Arc. Like Hawkeye she will also be free.

Spider-Man (Sony Exclusive)

Spider-Man_PS4_Selfie_Photo_Mode_LEGAL (1).jpg
Spider-Man has been confirmed as a DLC Hero only for PS players. The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman is swinging into your PS game!

Datamined Unconfirmed DLCs

This data is unconfirmed and is largely speculation at this point. Game8 does not present this as definite news, but rather something neat to consider.

Rumors online have attested that datamines of the Avengers beta have shown various files pertaining to the following heroes as unlockables. Potential DLC characters, discovered through datamining, are rumored to be within the games code, implying that they will eventually be obtainable via DLC. These heroes will be marked with an asterisk.

  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel*
  • Dr Strange
  • Falcon
  • Mar'Vell
  • Mockingbird
  • Quake
  • Scarlet Witch
  • She Hulk*
  • Vision
  • War Machine*
  • Wasp
  • Winter Soldier

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