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This is a guide to Peacekeepers, an enemy in Marvel's Avengers. Read on to learn the Peacekeeper's codex entry, missions where they appear, and how to fight Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper Basic Info

Codex Entry

Peacekeeper Icon
Group Beekeepers
Codex Description Using AIM's advanced Void-Tech generators, these long-distance ranged Keepers are trained in teleportation maneuvers to quickly enter and exit hazardous environments. When not rescuing kittens from burning buildings, they can be found on the battlefield, evading their opponents and attacking from a distance. Hard to pin down, but easily dispatched if you can get close enough.

Missions Where Peacekeepers Appear

Mission List

Peacekeepers can be found in the following missions:

To Find Olympia
HARM Challenge II
HARM Challenge III
Proto-Synth Recycling Plant
Stark Realities
Quantum Research Bunker
Enter: The Avengers
House Call
Armor Chase
The Dogs of War
Agony and the Ant Hill
Mayhem Over Manhattan
Out of the Shadows
In Honor's Name
More than Inhuman
The Inhuman Condition
Gathering Of Evil
HARM Challenge V
Desert Vault (Elite)
Turbulence (Elite)
Desert Hive (Elite)
Snowy Tundra Vault (Elite)
Tundra Hive (Elite)
Forest Hive (Elite)
Prototype Weapons Forge
Heroic Gauntlet 2
Hybrid Incubation Chamber
Advanced Materials R&D Lab
Heroic Gauntlet 3
Sight Unseen
Heroic Gauntlet 4
Old Foes
Heroic Gauntlet 5
Forest Hive
Menace At Large
Heroic Gauntlet 6
Heroic Gauntlet 7
Above And Beyond
Priority HARM Challenge
Priority HARM Challenge (Higher Power)
Our Town (Priority Mission)
Blast From The Past
In Honor's Name (Priority Mission)
Mayhem Over Manhattan (Flashback)
The Dark Nowhere
Mayhem Over Manhattan (Priority Mission)
Agony And The Ant Hill (Priority Mission)
Mistaken Identity (Flashback)

Note that there may be more missions where you can find Peacekeepers.

How to Fight Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper Basic Strategy

Be quick with your attacks since they teleport when you strike them from close range. When they charge their shots, time your dodges as it means they will unleash a wide-arcing multiple shots.

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