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This is a walkthrough for the Villain Sector Mission: To Tame A Titan in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for beating the boss: Warbot.

To Tame A Titan General Info

Mission Information

Mission To Tame A Titan
Type Villain Sector
Mission Power 20
Difficulty Challenge II
Reward DNA Key/Random Resource
Description Help SHIELD neutralize a threat

To Tame A Titan Walkthrough

1 As you enter the drop zone, go immediately straight towards the objective and battle through the enemies towards the second area that looks like a tunnel.
2 Repeat in this area as well, eliminating all targets. Before you proceed, there is a chest at the top of the exit.
3 MarvelIn the larger 3rd area, there is a special enemy to the right that may drop special equipment.
4 After that, move towards the left most structure in the area to find a chest with also special equipment
5 Proceed to battle the wave of enemies at the northern most part of the area. They are armored enemies, so be careful.
6 After battling them, proceed to the next area via the elevator. Battle through the enemies in this next area as well.
Before proceeding to your primary objective, there is a hidden chest in the next area that will only be unlocked if you solve the puzzle in this room.
7 MarvelThere are four switches: the first is right beside the an AIM Wall. The second and third is at opposite rooms entitled 'Fusion A' and 'Fusion B' respectively.
8 MarvelThe second is at a room entitled 'Fusion Research'.
9 Marvel The third is opposite that room
10 MarvelThe fourth and final switch is at the 'Fusion Research' room, just behind a panel computer. You will hear a confirmatory sound if the puzzle has been solved.
Note that the switch that is present in the stage varies. It could be a switch on the floor, protected by steel bars or a wall switch that needs to be struck several times to activate.
11 Proceed to next area to fight a mini-boss. Once defeated, the chest will appear as the floor in the middle descends. Proceed to your next destination.
12 MarvelThe elevator will then take you to the next area which is a boss battle with Warbot. Defeating him will end the mission.

To Tame a Titan Tips and Strategy

Be On Your Guard

Since the enemies here are often times armored, attacking in bursts is a good idea. Attack a few times, retreat as they attack, then counter right back.

Have Great Equipment

Do not be shy in using your resources. Coming here with gear weaker than 10 Power is dangerous. Upgrade your equipment to ensure your survivability.

Abuse Your Heroics

Since in the boss fight later on, the Heroics will be rendered nearly useless, so abuse them beforehand when necessary. This is to preserve your health with each wave of enemies you face.

To Tame a Titan Enemies

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Image UnavailablePrime Cryo Synthoid Time your dodge to avoid their chilling attacks and counter back.
Image UnavailableStilleto Riotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
Cryo KeeperCryo Keeper Use ranged attacks but dodge whenever they fire their projectiles since it can freeze you.
Blitz DreadbotBlitz Dreadbot Destroy the side turrets first and attack from behind to exploit its weakness.
Monotronic ExoMonotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to stagger. Dodge and counter its attacks.
Plague DronePlague Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
Security DroneSecurity Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
Image UnavailableDreadbot Destroy the side turrets first and attack from behind to exploit its weakness.

To Tame a Titan Boss Guide

Warbot Boss Battle

Destroy its legs


In order to defeat Warbot, you have to destroy the exhaust on its legs.


Once you do, it repairs itself and you can hit its eye for major damage. It will repeat this cycle twice. 

You may also need to destroy the lasers on Warbot's side to prevent disturbances.

Post 2nd Repair


After the 2nd repair, besides the exhaust, you will need to destroy some battery looking parts at the top of Warbot's head. Be careful as attacking them will also unleash flamethrowers and an electric blast from Warbot


After that, Warbot will repair itself one last time and all you have to do is to find all of the exhausts including the ones on its side to weaken it one last time. Destroy the eye and finish off the boss.

To Tame a Titan Chest Locations

Chest Locations
MarvelEnlarge On top of the exit of the 2nd area.
MarvelEnlarge In a destroyed building to the west of the 3rd area.
Image Unavailable After completing the puzzle, defeat the enemies beyond the puzzle area to acquire the treasure. It's in plain sight, just follow your objective marker.

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