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This guide will show you how to beat Abomination, the boss of To Find Olympia in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn boss strategy, tips and tricks, and more!

Abomination Basic Info

Codex Entry

Abomination Icon
Codex Description Formerly, a military spy, Emil Blonsky volunteered for AIM's human gamma experiments under the direction of Monica Rappaccini. The experiment transformed him permanently into Abomination - an extremely strong and physically imposing monster. But, unlike his counterpart the Hulk, Abomination retained the memories and intellect of his human form.

Missions Appearing In

To Find Olympia
Heart Of The Monster
City Under Siege
Gathering Of Evil
City Under Siege (Elite)
Old Foes
Waking The Dead
Gathering Of Evil (Priority Mission)

Basic Strategy

Avoid the lightning pillars in the first arena and use heroics whenever possible. Dodge his close range attacks then counter with your own.

Abomination Boss Strategy (Campaign)

Avoid or Use the Lightning Pillars

The lightning pillars in the first arena can explode when hit and will deal damage to anyone caught in its blast radius. It is advised to avoid fighting near them as you can accidentally hit it and make it explode. You can get rid of them by throwing a projectile at them or even use it to your advantage by throwing a projectile at it when the Abomination is nearby them.

Dodge the Abomination's Attack

Dodge Abomination attacks.jpg
The Abomination has 2 red attacks on normal difficulty, a long shockwave, and a close-range tackle. You will need to dodge his close-range attacks and go at with your own. Use Heroics whenever you can to maximize your damage.

Avoid the Toxic Gas

Poison Gas.jpg
In the second phase of the boss battle, the Abomination will start releasing toxic clouds in the arena. You will want to avoid them as standing in them will damage you as long as you are in it. Try to lure the Abomination away from the clouds to make it easier.

Abomination Boss Strategy (Villain Sector)

City Under Siege 03.png

Avoid His Thunderclap

Most of Abomination's attacks focus on powerful, but slow hits as well as radial attacks. He has his own version of Thunderclap, and will summon Plague Proto-Synthoids who will attack you even when you are airborne. Avoid them!

Use Ranged Attacks

The main strategy here is to stay away and use ranged attacks. It is highly advisable to use Iron Man or Black Widow here to quickly land in attacks from range. If Abomination turns his back on you to focus on your teammates, launch in combo attacks and then quickly dodge back to resume attacking from range.

Use Healing Items

If you brought Ms. Marvel in your team, have her use Healing Spirit whenever possible to ensure you survive in this long battle. If not, use healing packs located all around the stage when your Willpower gets low.

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3 Anonymous4 months

>>2 Me too I am really getting frustrated and it’s super annoying

2 Anonymous8 months

>>1 I've got him to a sliver of health (after 2days of frustration and pain) and now he's in the same position. Curled up in the floor with the y+b over him and every time I hit him with anything (y+b and everything else as well) it just says shielded. So maddening I feel like hulk. Even went around beating up everything else too. Nothing does anything.

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