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The Marvel universe has tons of villains that the Avengers fight to save the day. There are quite a number of these villains in the Marvel's Avengers Game. Learn more about the villains you will fight and who is the main villain in Marvel's Avengers below!

List of Marvel's Avengers Villains (Bosses)


Taskmaster Boss Battle.jpg
A-day was supposed to be an event to celebrate the Avengers and unveil a new energy source until mercenaries start attacking the city with Tony Stark's weapons. Leading them is the skillful and vengeful Taskmaster, holding a detonator to a bomb. The Avengers must stop him before the bomb can go off!

Taskmaster Boss Battle Guide


Abomination Boss Battle.jpg
While searching for JARVIS, the Hulk and Kamala find an AIM laboratory that uses Gamma technology. They also encounter the Abomination, a monster that was made from Gamma radiation just like the Hulk, but with retained memories and intellect of when he was human. The Hulk will need to defeat him if they wanna escape the facility!

Abomination Boss Battle Guide

Monica Rappaccini (Exo)

AIM has been capturing the Inhumans, claiming they are sick and need help. As the lead scientist, Monica has been holding the Inhumans captive, experimenting on them. With her modified Exo suit she will stop inhumans and anyone else who tries to help them.

Monica Rappaccini (Exo) Boss Battle Guide


Black Widow fighting Warbot.jpg
The Warbot is one of AIMs anti-Inhuman weapons, capable of fighting multiple enemies with its large size and arsenal. It was once used for deep earth mining, now it used to break into Resistance safe-houses.

Warbot Boss Battle Guide


An AIM weapon that strikes fear into the Inhumans from above. A powerful weapon the Avengers will have to defeat in order to stop AIM in their efforts of ridding earth of Inhumans.

Warship Boss Battle Guide

Who is the Main Villain in Marvel's Avengers?


Once a scientist and friend to the Avengers, George Tarleton has now changed into a technokinetic madman. After the events of A-Day he truly believed that the Inhumans were a danger to mankind, and must be eradicated. He will use his intellect and technokinesis to stop anyone in his way.

MODOK Last Boss Battle Guide

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