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The Light that Failed (A-Day) Walkthrough: Chest and Collectible Locations

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This is a walkthrough for the Mission The Light that Failed (A-Day) in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for beating the boss.

The Light that Failed General Info

Mission Information

Mission The Light That Failed
Type Campaign
Mission Power -
Reward -
Description Something bad is happening on the Golden Gate Bridge. Captain America sends the Avengers to check it out.

The Light that Failed Walkthrough


1 Hold to start the battle.
2 Defeat the Reapers while learning combat basics.
3 Charge a power attack by holding the button to destroy the blockade.
Destroying blockade.jpg
4 Defeat more Reapers in the next area. Throw your Mjolnir at the Assault Reaper above to take him down.
Assault Reaper.jpg
5 Rescue the civilian nearby.
6 Break another blockade ahead with a power attack and proceed to the next area.
7 You will be greeted by a group of Assault Reapers so you'll need to do a lot of dodging while taking them out one by one.
8 Survive the waves of reinforcements until a cutscene starts.
9 Press L1 to activate Thor's Heroic Ability to resume the fight.
10 3 Aegis Reapers will join the fight. Your quick attacks will just be blocked so use strong attacks to break their shields.

Iron Man

1 Shortly after, you will automatically switch to Iron Man. Shoot down the Aero Reapers and pursue them until you reach another cutscene.
Iron Man.jpg
2 Take out more Reapers as Iron Man. Ascend by holding the X button to easily engage the Aero Reapers.
Aerial combat.jpg
3 Destroy the 3 anti-air turrets. You can easily do this by charging your repulsor blasts by holding R2 while aiming with L2.
Charged repulsors.jpg


1 You'll now play as the Hulk so start smashing the Reapers.
2 Proceed to the next area and destroy the pulsar tank and start mowing through the bridge. Watch out for the red circles to avoid getting damaged.
Red circles
3 Destroy the last pulsar tanks at the end of the bridge and another cutscene will begin.

Captain America

1 You can now take out Reapers using Captain America. Defeat the Reapers in the room and walk to the door.
2 More Reapers will arrive including an Aegis Reaper. Vault over the Aegis Reaper to easily take it down.
Vault over
3 Survive the next waves of Reapers until you reach another cutscene.

Black Widow

1 Pursue Taskmaster using Black Widow. Keep attacking him by following the button prompts on the screen.
Attacking Taskmaster.jpg
2 Defeat Taskmaster.
Jump to Taskmaster Boss Guide

The Light that Failed Tips and Strategy

Use Hero Skills

Hero skills

Use your Hero skills if you are having difficulties in battle since these can wipe out enemies easily. Take note that these skills have cooldowns so you'll have to wait for a few seconds before you can use them again.

Watch Out for Offscreen Attacks

Offscreen attacks

Always look out for icons with exclamation points during combat. These indicate offscreen attacks so immediately dodge if you see one.

The Light that Failed Enemies

Enemy Strategy
ReaperReaper Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Aero ReaperAero Reaper Use ranged attacks to take them out.
Assault ReaperAssault Reaper Close the gap between you and the enemy and land in combos. Dodge when they counter.
Aegis ReaperAegis Reaper Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
TaskmasterTaskmaster Alternate between close range when he uses ranged and ranged when he closes in on you. When given the chance to grapple, use it to deal quick damage.

The Light that Failed Boss Guide


Shoot after Dodging

Shooting Taskmaster

You can only dodge and shoot during the first phase of the battle. Dodge once a red indicator appears above Taskmaster then quickly shoot him with your pistols while he is unguarded.

Second Phase

Second phase.jpg

Maul your way through the next phase while dodging Taskmaster's attacks. Watch out for his dive attack as this one deals heavy damage.

Grapple Counter

Grapple counter

At around 50% health, Taskmaster will start throwing mines around and you will be prompted to use Grapple Counter against blue or yellow attacks.

Using Veil of Shadows

He will start dodging all your attacks near the end of the fight but continue attacking him until your Veil of Shadows is ready.

Let in a few more hits then press △ + ◯ when prompted to get this over with.

The Light that Failed Chest and Collectible Locations

There are no chests or collectibles in this mission.

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