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HARM Training: Hulk Walkthrough and Enemy List

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HARM Training Hulk

This is a walkthrough for the Mission HARM Training: Hulk in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, enemies, and tips and strategy for completing the mission.

HARM Training: Hulk General Info

Mission Information

Mission HARM Training: Hulk
Type Virtual Training Module
Mission Power 17
Reward Random Comic
Description The Holographic Augmented Reality Machine, a virtual training module used by The Avengers to simulate combat scenarios. The virtual training module is the preferred method of testing out gear and skills before suiting up for battle.

HARM Training: Hulk Walkthrough

1 Avengers HARM Tutorial Hulk 02.pngIn the first training session, perfectly dodge 3 attacks from the robot.
2 Avengers HARM Tutorial Hulk 04.pngAfter, use Rage to counter enemy attacks. Next session, you will be tasked to drain the Rage meter,
3 In the fourth session, recover Willpower while in the Rage state. Attack enemies while Raged to recover Willpower.
4 Avengers HARM Tutorial Hulk 05.pngNext, use Boneshaker to Taunt enemies and defeat five of them.
5 Finally, defeat 3 waves of enemies.

HARM Training: Hulk Enemy List

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Prime Cryo SynthoidPrime Cryo Synthoid Time your dodge to avoid their chilling attacks and counter back.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
RiotbotRiotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
Cryo KeeperCryo Keeper Use ranged attacks but dodge whenever they fire their projectiles since it can freeze you.
Purge KeeperPurge Keeper They fire poisonous projectiles so dodge it quickly. Close the gap and strike with combos.
Cryotronic ExoCryotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to freeze. Dodge and counter its attacks.

HARM Training: Hulk Tips and Strategy

Use Ranged Attacks

Avengers HARM Tutorial Hulk 06.png

The last enemies of the training include a Cryotronic Exo, which can freeze you with ranged and physical attacks. Use your own ranged attacks to deal with it. Climb the higher levels of the stage in order to delay its movement.

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