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This is a guide to Iconic Missions in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn the different types of Iconic Missions as well as rewards for completing them.

Iconic Missions and Rewards

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Iconic Missions are named so because they are sidequests that delve further into the stories of a specific character. Thus, at the beginning of each mission, the respective character for the Iconic Mission will always be selected first.

For example, in the Iconic Mission Condition: Green, you will always be preloaded Hulk as your controllable character. This can be changed in the loading screen, however.

Unlike Drop Zones, Iconic Missions are like War Zones or Vaults in that they are lengthier and have multiple objectives.

Rewards for completing these missions vary, but generally includes Rare or better Gear. In addition, there is an Iconic Outfit for each hero that is only obtained through completing these missions (with the exception of Iron Man's Iconic Armor).

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Iconic Mission Chains

The Iconic Mission chains are all part of a mission chain known as the Iconic Avengers Mission Chain. This mission chain in turn is part of the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain.

All Iconic Mission Chains
Iron Man Captain America Thor
Black Widow Ms. Marvel Hulk

Iconic Missions List

Power Level Mission Reward
6 Condition: Green Rare Gear
14 Along Came a Spider Rare or Better Gear, Black Widow Specific Gear
36 Mistaken Identity Guaranteed Reward Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward Hero-Specific Gear: Thor Only
36 Rocket's Red Glare Guaranteed Reward Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward Hero-Specific Gear: Captain America Only
40 Global Presence Guaranteed Reward: Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward Hero Specific Gear: Captain America only
40 Up From The Depths Guaranteed Reward Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward Legendary Gear
40 Heart Of The Monster Guaranteed Reward Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward Hero-Specific Gear: Hulk Only
46 Agents Of Thunder Guaranteed Reward: Rare or Better Gear, Guaranteed Reward: Hero-Specific Gear Thor Only

*Level Scaled to Player

Iconic Missions Objectives

Avengers Iconic Missions 01.png
The objectives depend on the mission. It is usually a mix of multiple objectives, such as defeating a particular AIM enemy and destroying or taking over servers. One highlight of these missions is that there will be much deeper story lines that allow us to understand more of that character's back story.

Iconic Missions Strategy

Balance Is Key

Considering these are also lengthy missions with enemies of the stronger variety, it is wise to bring in your best heroes to these missions. A mix of support and offense is always good to help you breeze through these missions.

Utilize Your Heroics

Most often, your enemies here will match the Iconic Character's strength. For example, in the Along Came A Spider mission, it is highly likely that it will be your first time encountering the Phase Riotbot who cannot be targeted when Phasingーsimilar to Black Widow's Veil of Shadows. When this is the case, use your heroics, especially your Support Heroic, to give your team an advantage.

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