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More Important Things to Do Trophy

This is a guide to unlocking the More Important Things to Do Trophy/Achievement in Marvel's Avengers. Read on and learn which missions you should use to complete a mission in under three minutes!

How To Finish A Mission In Under 3 Minutes

Step 1: Lower The Difficulty

You can change the Challenge rating to CHALLENGE I to lower the power of the mission. This makes the enemies weaker and easy to ignore. You can do this by putting your cursor over the mission in the War Table, pressing □ and selecting the Challenge rating.

Step 2: Pick A Sabotage Drop Zone

Sabotage Drop Zones are drop zones with the round explosion mark. These are short missions with only one objective: destroy four generators. Select one of them, such as Communication Nexus or Hybrid Incubation Chamber.

Step 3: Ignore Enemies and Head To The Generator Room

Sabotage Drop Zone 1
You'll start in a corridor and need to activate a console to enter the generator room. Ignore all enemies and head straight to the destination.

Step 4: Destroy Generators Right Away

Sabotage Drop Zone 2.jpg
Destroy generators right away. Do not spend time fighting the enemies. Use regenerative abilities and armor abilities to increase survivability as well so that you can ignore the enemies.

More Important Things To Do Trophy / Achievement

Completing a mission under three minutes will grant you the trophy/achievement More Important Things To Do.

bronze trophy.pngBronze More Important Things To Do
Complete any mission in under three minutes

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