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Guide to Endgame Content (Post-Game Contents)

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The campaign for Marvel's Avengers game is just the beginning when it comes to what you can do in this game. With our Endgame Content Guide, we can help you with your Post-game adventure. Learn about the endgame missions and challenges, how to max out your hero and hot to complete your collection in the guide below!

Endgame Missions and Challenges

Endgame (Post-Game) Activities
Faction Missions and Activities War Zones HARM Challenges
Iconic Missions Hives and Mega Hives Level Up your Hero Challenge Card

Faction Missions and Activities

SHIELD Faction Assignments and Mission.jpg
Faction missions are similar to Iconic missions but are focused on the factions like SHIELD. Completing these missions and daily challenges that can reward you with Faction XP to increase your Faction Level. Increasing your Faction Level will provide you better gear in the faction shops for you to buy.

How To Raise Your Faction Levels

War Zones

These are the missions you will be playing after you complete the Campaign. They provide you new missions for you to complete by yourself or with friends! These are your main way of leveling up, farming, and completing challenges.

List of War Zone Missions

HARM Challenges

These are missions that you can play to test your skills or if you just want to fight enemies. These missions involve you fighting waves of enemies that increase in strength every wave. Completing these missions will reward you with random Comics for your collection.

HARM Room Missions and Challenges

Iconic Missions

These are the side missions that delve deeper into each Heroes story and will reward you with Character respective gear. You can also unlock an Outfit that is only obtainable for each Hero by completing their respective Iconic Missions chain.

Iconic Missions List and Rewards

Hives and Mega Hives

These are missions that will put you through a gauntlet where you will be using one Hero to climb through floors, fighting new enemies, and completing different objectives on each floor. Mega Hives are the harder version that will let you use your entire Hero roster. You will be controlling them one at a time and when one goes down you will use the next Hero.

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Level Up your Hero Challenge Card

Iron Man Hero Challenge Card.jpg
If you want to unlock everything the game has to offer you will need to also level up your Hero Challenge Card. You are given daily and weekly challenges to complete in order to receive challenge points, which are used to level up the Challenge Cards. Each Hero has their own Challenge Cards, Daily, and Weekly challenges.

The Challenge Cards is one of the daily activities you can do in our guide below, check it out to see what else you should do daily.

Avengers To Do List

Max Out Your Heroes

Max Leveling and Gearing your Heroes
Upgrading Your Gear Get your Heroes to Max Level Farm DNA Keys
Vault Missions Exotic Gear -

Upgrading Your Gear

One of the ways to increase your Heroe's power is through increasing your gear's Power Level. This can be done through using your resources to level up your gear and thus improving its stats and effects.

How to Farm Resources

Get your Heroes to Max Level

Another way to increase your Heroes power and be able to deal with high-level enemies is through increasing your Heroes level. Letting them gain skill points to unlock skills and upgrades in the skill trees.

How to Level Up Fast

Farm DNA Keys

DNA Keys.jpg
You will want to farm DNA Keys as soon as possible. This is possible by doing Villain Sector missions, which are the daily missions given to you by the faction coordinators. Farm these to be able to unlock DNA Strongboxes in order to get Upgrade Modules. You can only play up to two Villain Sector missions a day, each faction giving only one every day.

How to Get DNA Keys

Vault Missions

Avengers Forest Vault 11
You will want to unlock and play these Vault missions as they contain DNA Strongboxes, the only way to get the Upgrade Modules needed to upgrade High-level gear. These missions also have a lot of Strongboxes in them, making them the perfect missions to farm for equipment.

Vault Onboarding Mission Chain Walkthrough

Exotic Gear

Exotic is the highest rarity possible for gears in the game. Because they are so rare, they are the strongest gear in the game. Obtaining these gear and upgrading them to the max level will truly max out your Hero.

Note: Our writers are working as fast as possible to bring our walkthroughs to you! Please check back soon for more guides.

Complete Your Collection

Completionist Goals
Complete the Codex Find all Comics and Intelligence Unlock All the Outfits
Unlock All Trophies/Achievements

Complete the Codex

The Codex is the collection of all the enemies, regions and Branded gear information. Defeating enemies will unlock their Codex entry. There are a ton of enemies and enemy variants in this game, defeating them all is required if you want to complete the Codex

Enemy Codex

Find all Comics and Intelligence

These are found all over the game in missions and in outpost locations. Finding Comics will unlock the Comic's front cover and background information on the comic while finding Intelligence will unlock files that provide information on the in-game universe. There are a ton of these, so keep an eye out if you want to find them all!

Note: Our writers are working as fast as possible to bring our walkthroughs to you! Please check back soon for more guides.

Unlock All the Outfits

Iron Man Outfits.jpg
Marvel's Avengers has many options when it comes to cosmetics. Each Hero having a ton of outfits to choose from with different ways of unlocking each one of them. With our list of Outfits below this challenge can be made easier.

List of All Outfits

Unlock All Trophies/Achievements

Another thing to do after completing the Campaign is to try and complete all the trophies/achievements. This is something you completionists out there are aiming to do and we got the list for you guys to check.

Trophy Guide

Is there New Game Plus?

There is no New Game Plus

As of now, there is no New Game Plus in Marvel's Avengers. Nor is there a way to replay the Campaign, but Crystal Dynamics has stated that they are working on it.

How to Replay (Restart) the Campaign

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