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Welcome to Game8's Marvel's Avengers Walkthrough Wiki! Our writers are putting out new guides as quickly as possible! Have a look at any of the guides below to get started!

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This is a message board for users who want to chat about and discuss the Marvel's Avengers with other fans. Feel free to discuss topics like your favorite characters or story sections. If you are playing Marvel's Avengers and getting stuck, or you are unsure what to do, try and ask someone here. It is very likely that someone has the answer you are looking for!

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6 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

When is game8 going to update this walkthrough

5 Go ◆xJnWtwnyIcover 2 yearsReport

5 gum's bogus advertisement is another reason not to support the game and creators!

4 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Run along walls to make big jumps with gaps.

3 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

What skin you wear has no affect on gameplay. What matters is which character you play.

2 Luuk2008. over 3 yearsReport

Hi, I have a question, I did the Tony Stark challenge in the wrong skin!!!. So now I can’t complete the challenge. Does anyone know how I can do the challenge again in the tony stark outfit?? Is there a way to do a challenge again?

1 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

How do,I make the big jump in the last sequence of the game before the end? I’m captain America

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