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Bossfight with Monica Rappaccini (Exo) Boss Guide
This guide will show you how to beat Monica Rappaccini (Exo), the boss of To Stand Alone in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn boss strategy, tips and tricks, and more!

Monica Rappaccini (Exo) Basic Info

Codex Entry

Monica Rappaccini (Exo)
Monica Rappaccini (Exo) Icon
Codex Description This modified Monotronic Exo suit was designed specifically for close combat with super-powered opponents, such as rogue inhumans. Dr. Rappaccini has personally tested the suit herself and made additoinal modifications to increase its effectiveness.

Missions Appearing In

To Stand Alone

Basic Strategy

Use ranged attacks to dish out constant damage, and use your counter whenever you see blue or yellow attacks. Watch out for the frost debuff in her second phase and large area of effect greneades in the third phase.

Monica Rappaccini (Exo) Boss Strategy

Use Your Range Attacks and Counter When Possible

Ranged attacks.jpg
Monica has an AOE (area of effec)t close ranged red attack that can be hard to avoid, its best to keep some distance and attack with your range attacks and go in close after. She does have a counterable attacks that you should counter as much as you can to get in big damage for free if you do.

Monica has 3 Phases in this Fight

Second Phase Monica.jpg
After dealing a certain amount of damage, Monica will teleport away and send some enemies to fight you. She comes back to the fight after you defeat them, but this time with a power up. The second phase gives her frost effect to her attacks. Her third phase gives her a new AOE ranged grenades that she will fire at you.

Keep Distance from the Frost

Monica Frost.jpg
In her second phase she sends out ice that can deal frost damage to you and freeze you if you take a certain amount. Keep using range attacks to deal damage, avoiding the trail of ice she leavevs and only get in close if you do not see any frost that will freeze you.

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