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This guide will show you how to beat Warbot, the boss of Agony and the Ant Hill in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn boss strategy, tips and tricks, and more!

Warbot Basic Info

Codex Entry

Warbot Icon
Codex Description AIM's Warbot was originally designed for use as a deep earth mining machine. But as the Resistance gained traction, versions of the machine were weaponized to humt down Inhuman safe-houses. This complex AI-driven combat mech can withstand attacks from large groups of enemies. Its armor is impenetrable, but the Warbot's air vents may be vulnerable.

Missions Appearing In

Agony and the Ant Hill
To Tame A Titan (Elite)
Menace At Large
Agony And The Anthill (Flashback)
Agony And The Ant Hill (Priority Mission)

Basic Strategy

Avoid projectiles and attack all targets as quickly as possible.

Warbot Boss Strategy

Destroy the Targets to Reveal the Weakpoint

Attack its Weakpoint.jpg
In order to defeat the Warbot, you will need to destroy its targetable parts first and it will fall to reveal its weakpoint at the head. You can use your Tactical Awareness by pressing up to see the targets needed to be destroyed.

When it gets back up there will be added targets you will need to destroy. The vents to its sides will be needed to be destroyed after the first time it gets back up, and then its batteries on its back on the third time. After attacking its weakpoint three times, the Warbot should be defeated.

It is Easier for Flying Heroes

Iron Man Flying Back Warbot.jpg
The vents on its side and the batteries on its back can be hard to attack for non-flying heroes as they will need to use ranged attacks or climb onto the Warbot. Using heroes that can fly like Iron Man can make things significantly easier.

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