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Vault Onboarding Mission Chain Walkthrough

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This is a guide for the Vault Onboarding Mission Chain in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all available missions, objectives, enemies, and tips and strategy for completing the mission chain.

Vault Onboarding Mission Chain General Info

Campaign Avengers Initiative
Guaranteed Rewards 1 Epic Artifact: Norn Stone of the Fanatic
Guaranteed Rewards 2 Guaranteed Reward: Rare Resource Bundle

Vault Onboarding Mission Chain List

Power Level Mission Reward
24 Snowy Tundra Vault Guaranteed Reward
Rare or Better Gear
30 Forest Vault Guaranteed Reward
Rare or Better Gear
34 Desert Vault Guaranteed Reward
Rare or Better Gear
40 Forest Vault (Elite) Guaranteed Reward
Rare or Better Gear

*Level Scaled to Player

Vault Onboarding Mission Chain Main Objectives

How To Start The Mission Chain

Avengers Forest Vault 10
In order to begin with this mission chain, you must find one of the hidden SHIELD caches. The chests in these caches contain Vault resources that help JARVIS pinpoint the location of SHIELD Vaults.

Hunt Down The SHIELD Vault

Once you get the Vault resource from the SHIELD cache, this would then unlock any of the following vaults:

If you've played the Missing Link Campaign Mission, then, these missions are quite similar. Every mission on this mission chain has a vault that can't be pinpointed by JARVIS. You need to watch your directional navigator to see if you are getting close to it.

Completing any of these will unlock the main vault in this mission chain, the Forest Vault and Forest (Vault Elite).

Vault Onboarding Mission Chain Tips and Strategy

Vault Unlocking Mechanism

Avengers Forest Vault 11
Some of you will recall this unlocking mechanism that was previewed in the Beta in the Snowy Tundra Vault Mission. There will be three set of codes which you need to input in a central computer. Each code can be acquired by stepping on separate panels scattered in the stage. And in between each set of codes, you will have to defend yourself against waves of enemies.

Bring Support Heroes

Most often this mission will last long especially as you unlock the Vault. With such a long series of battles ahead, having the Support Heroic of Ms. Marvel, which will ensure the survivability of your strike team, will be invaluable.

Have Area Damaging Moves

The tendency in these missions as you unlock the Vault is that enemies will swarm you. Having area damaging moves will help clear out huge waves of enemies quickly.

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