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Once an Avenger... Walkthrough: All Chest and Collectible Locations

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The Chimera (Black Widow) Agony and the Ant Hill

This is a walkthrough for the Mission Once an Avenger... in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest and collectible locations, and tips and strategy for completing the mission.

Once an Avenger... General Info

Mission Information

Mission Once an Avenger...
Type Campaign
Mission Power -
Reward -
Description AIM has breached the Chimera's hull. The Avengers must stop them from knocking the ship out of the sky.

Once an Avenger... Walkthrough

Ms. Marvel

1 Follow Iron Man below. Smash the malfunctioning door with a power attack to proceed.
2 Defeat the AIM boarding party.
3 Swing to the server room to defend JARVIS from AIM units.


1 Destroy the AIM machines burrowing into Chimera's hull. There's a total of 4 Aegis Dreadbots that will appear in 2 waves.
2 Destroy the Mega Dreadbot.
3 After taking down the last dreadbot, call the lightning to restore the Chimera's power.

Once an Avenger... Enemies

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Prime Adept SynthoidPrime Adept Synthoid They have uninterruptible attacks so time your dodge as they attack and counter back.
Prime Cryo SynthoidPrime Cryo Synthoid Time your dodge to avoid their chilling attacks and counter back.
Elite SynthoidElite Synthoid They dodge and have uninterruptible laser attacks. Dodge and counter.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
Plague Proto-SynthoidPlague Proto-Synthoid Avoid its poison attacks and land in your combos. Don't hesitate to retreat until the poison effects wears off.
Stilleto RiotbotStilleto Riotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
KeeperKeeper They have slow recharge times so get closer to them and beat them with melee attacks.
Aero KeeperAero Keeper Use ranged attacks to defeat them quickly.
Purge KeeperPurge Keeper They fire poisonous projectiles so dodge it quickly. Close the gap and strike with combos.
Cryotronic ExoCryotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to freeze. Dodge and counter its attacks.
AdaptoidAdaptoid Use support heroics whenever possible as these enemies are sturdy. Alternate between quick attacks and dodging whenever they strike back.
Blitz Proto-SynthoidBlitz Proto-Synthoid Before it explodes, it will stop for a few seconds. Destroy it quickly during this opening.
Aegis DreadbotAegis Dreadbot Destroy the side turrets first and attack from within its shield to exploit its weakness.
Mega DreadbotMega Dreadbot Destroy the side turrets first and attack from behind to exploit its weakness.

Once an Avenger... Collectible Locations


Chest Locations
Right at the beginning of the mission.
Look to your left after going down the first set of stairs.
You will pass by this chest before reaching the malfunctioning door.


Chest Locations
Right at the beginning of the mission.
You will pass by this intelligence right beside the malfunctioning door.

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