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Version 1.07 Is here!

  • 1.07 Patch Notes and How to Update

Crystal Dynamics has released the Patch 1.07 (V1.3.0) update on September 18th that fixes multiple issues that were encountered in Marvel's Avengers Game. Read on to learn more about the fixes, added features, future updates and how to update Marvel's Avengers!

Latest Update Patch Notes

Ver. 1.07 (V1.3.0) Update (18/09/2020)

Playstation, Xbox One, PC, Stadia

Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative
  • Fixed an Issue where A-Day would not progress if it was started from the War Table after selecting Avengers Initiative first.
  • Fixed infinite loading when reloading during the missions "The Light that Failed" and " To Stand Alone".
  • Resolved bad save states for where players are unable to progress with the campaign due to infinite loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a strongbox in "House Call" was sometimes not usable.
  • Fixed a bug with the bridge in "House Call" that would prevent progress. It should also be fixed in bad save states.
  • Fixed an issue where Pause and Character menus were blocked during "Testing... 1, 2, 3".
  • Fixed an issue where you would be teleported out of the world when attacking the boss in "To Stand Alone".
  • Fixed an issue where steps 1 and 2 of the "A Global Offensive" mission chain were not being tracked properly.
  • Fixed an issue where combat would not progress when defeating both Assault Adaptoidss at the same time in "By Force of Mind".
  • Fixed a hole in geometry in "Dogs of War".
  • Fixed an issue where the player can fall out of bounds in "Along Came a Spider".
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck inside the the geometry in "Rocket's Red Glare" after enabling the teleport to space.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy could be stuck behind a closed door during the "Task at Hand" mission.
  • Fixed an issue in "Bad Blood" where the final cinematic would sometimes not play any audio.
  • Fixed an issue preventing "Interrogation Anxiety" from being completed. This should also be fixed in bad save states.
Multiplayer and Matchmaking
  • Reduced the cool down timer before the player could matchmake again after leaving a strike team. (from 30 seconds down to 4 seconds).
  • Matchmaking now stays enabled during mission launch countdown to give more time for players to join.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Searching for Heroes" UI would not always match the actual matchmaking status.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple host migrations would prevent the player from matching successfully again.
  • Fixed “Quick Match - Launch with any Hero” failing when two Quick Match players joined another match simultaneously.
  • Fixed losing Quick Match status when a player failed to join another match.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving an existing Strike Team would prevent the next Quick Match attempt from working properly.
Art & Animation
  • A variety of minor graphical issue fixes including clipping and popping.
  • Fixed several areas where players could see out of world.
  • Fixed many minor graphical errors and transitions.
  • Fixed several ragdoll issues.
  • Fixed a visual issue where enemy shields would pop in.
  • Fixed Captain America character model bug in “Front Line” outfit.
  • *Fixed an issue where Thor would appear in the “War Cry” outfit in the Main Menu before unlocking it.
  • Fixed an issue where Tony appeared in the incorrect Iron Man armor during the “Alone Against AIM” cinematic.
  • Fixed Faction NPCs having no facial animation and freezing upon interact.
  • Fixed Sprint Heavy Attack sticking to ground during certain combat scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with Black Widow’s grapple that launched her off trajectory.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man would play the incorrect animation when doing laser Heavy Attack.
  • Fixed an issue with Monotronic Exo Takedowns in multiplayer where the animations would get out of sync.
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue that would cause damage numbers to appear on destroyed objects.
  • Fixed an issue with Faction prisoner rescue where the wrong icon for the cell destruction markers would show upon Reload Checkpoint.
  • Various Skill Menu updates for Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man.
  • Various localization and text fixes.
  • Approaching hackable terminbals with a Hero that lacks the hacking ability now displays a tutorial explaining why it cannot be accessed.
  • War Table icon no has a different appearance when there is a new Mission available.
  • Reward icons for some Missions have been corrected to display the actual rewards.
  • "Cancel” label added to the push-pull piston UI when interact option is set to “tap”.
  • "Inhuman Sanctuary" mission chain thumbnail now better reflects being a Pym-centric activity.
  • “Inhuman Sanctuary" mission chain notification no longer appears in campaign if it has already been shown in the Avengers Initiative.
  • Talisman Artifacts now display correct thumbnail images.
  • Faction Rank reward tutorial on helicarrier no longer displays before the Faction Vendor is available.
  • Vault sequence tutorials now allow players to access the Character Menu while active.
  • Based on player feedback, players can now see progress when being revived.
  • Based on player feedback, we have implemented a 0-10 Motion Blur slider. When set at 0, Motion Blur is completely disabled.
  • Fixed issues of objectives not displaying after player death.
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would show up during the introduction of Dropzones.
  • Fixed an issue where “Control Point” events would continue to spawn new enemies after completing the control requirement.
  • Fixed an issue in “Defend” events where the battle would sometimes stall until Heroes got closer to defenders by increasing participation radius.
  • Improved an issue where sometimes the “Secure the Area” portion of some Sabotage encounters would not register completion due to enemies becoming inaccessible or hidden during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where at higher difficulties, enemies would hack rescue cells silently, causing mysteriously inconsistent activation times.
  • Fixed an issue in a small number of encounters where some stronger enemy types would spawn too many at once.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent lock-on from working when the Warbot is downed.
  • Fixed some navigation issues that would allow flying enemies to go out of world.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Dreadbots to become unable to move.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow the final stage of the Warbot to be skipped.
  • Fixed multiple issues where some attacks were not able to damage the Warbot when it is downed.
  • Fixed an issue causing some enemies to spawn without proper portal FX.
  • Fixed an issue where rarely a hero could still be controlled after being defeated by Adaptoids.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Kamala to unintentionally throw grabbed enemies at her feet.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Kamala’s arm to stay stuck in front of her when doing in-air attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Widow's Bite could get shot out of the air by enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Widow could not move on stairs while aiming the High-Caliber pistol.
  • Fixed an issue where player would get stuck when triggering Hulkbuster near other interactable items.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Hulkbuster moves cause double vision on another player's machine.
  • Fixed an issue where Hulk could become stuck interacting with the world while holding an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue when in high framerates, Hulk’s Sprint Heavy Attack would fall short.
  • Fixed various issues with Captain America's “Mirror Shield” skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Captain America’s shield could become stuck in Iron Man’s Energy Barrier.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man could become stuck when evading while flying low to the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Ironman’s Unibeam Heroic ability could be used infinitely during his combat on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Various Iron Man lock-on improvements.
  • Iron Man’s “Hyper Coils” skill now grants the intended 10 second duration increase.
  • Iron Man’s Laser Specialization reduces the intrinsic cost of aimed ranged attacks.
  • Invulnerability frames when entering Hulkbuster have been extended.
  • Improved enemy spawn positions in 2 encounter locations.
  • Minor tweak to turret activation in “The Inhuman Condition” AIM bunker.
  • Reduced difficulty for Embiggened Kamala to revive downed allies.
  • Reduced difficulty of “Secure the Asset” in the “Alone Against AIM” missions.
  • Reduced aggressiveness of turrets and enemy ranged attacks.
  • Adaptoid laser attack is easier to avoid.
  • Assault Adaptoid tuning, including:
  •  ・Less aggressive in multiples.
     ・Less aggressive when the fire shield is active.
     ・Triggers a smaller hit reaction when Heroes are hit by the laser.
     ・The laser attack is easier to avoid in combat situations.
     ・Fireball visuals were updated to make them easier to see in combat.
Gear, Challenges & Rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the Fabrication Machine would occasionally not reward an outfit (or units if a duplicate pattern).
  • Fixed an issue where resources in a player’s inventory – including Units – would disappear if they reached a total of 32,000. We have capped all Units and Resources at 65,000 for storage and ensured they will not disappear moving forward. If you lost a large number of Units due to this bug, please contact Square Customer Service.
  • Resolved bad save states and returned missing campaign outfits to users from a bug that was reverting them to a locked state. Note: Iconic Outfits may still be missing or locked, but we are investigating.
  • Increased Gear power cap for Threat Sectors, Drop Zones, and Hives to 130 to align with their max mission power.
  • Exotics gear now have higher attribute points. Power Level 130+ Exotic gear now always has better attributes than other rarities.
  • Gear that was erroneously being awarded at Power 1 and Uncommon rarity has been fixed in all activities.
  • Activity-specific Gear earned in Elite Heroic Hives is now awarded at correct power and rarity.
  • Gear with hero-specific perks can now be awarded at Epic, Legendary, and Exotic rarities with the correct number of perks; previously Legendary gear items of this type had too many hero-specific perks and Epics were not awarded at all.
  • Faction XP is awarded to the entire strike team when rescuing Inhumans in War Zones.
  • Hulk’s "Fractured" outfit now appears in the Appearance Menu when awarded through a Rare Pattern; will display item correctly in inventory of players who have already collected this outfit.
  • A Rare Pattern is now correctly awarded at the start of the ‘More Assembly Required’ mission.
  • Various Hero Challenges that were incorrectly tracking progress or not advancing under certain conditions have been fixed.
  • Based on your feedback, we are moving to a single global content refresh and challenge reset time and day. Starting with this V1.3.0 patch, challenges will reset every Thursday at 10:00 AM PT. As a token of our appreciation we will provide 22 challenge points per hero with the refresh to account for the shortened challenge period. These points will be available to claim until Thursday the 25th at 10:00 AM PT.

Platform Specific Fixes

Playstation Fixes
  • Fixed bug where players would not join an existing lobby if 'Quick Match - Launch with any Hero' was selected while set to the same Hero as a player in the lobby
  • Optimized matchmaking filters to reduce matchmaking search times
  • Changed matchmaking algorithms to reduce server load and further improve matchmaking search times
  • Generally improved matchmaking invite functionality and bug fixes.
Xbox Fixes
  • Fixed bug where a lobby would become unjoinable if a host migration occurred during an active mission.
  • Fixed a bug where invites would not work if a player had the “Show as offline” privacy setting enabled.
  • Update from V1.2.5: We have confirmed that “New Girl Makes Good” will retroactively grant on Xbox if you had earned it prior to Patch V1.2.5. “Tentative Peace” will not retroactively grant. Both have been properly registering progress since V1.2.5.
PC Fixes
  • Various stability fixes based on collected crash reports.
  • Additional error messages for failure cases based on collected crash reports.
  • Various CPU performance improvements.
  • Reduce number of CPU cores used for Direct3D shader pipeline compilation.
  • Overall reduction to memory usage.
  • Added Backup Save menu in Settings -> Gameplay.
  • Fixed Kamala and Thor HARM tutorials when Defense Mode was set to Toggle.
  • A number of mouse/keyboard UI improvements.
Stadia Fixes
  • Added Backup Save menu in Settings -> Gameplay.
  • Added ability to erase all save-data in Settings -> Gameplay.
  • Improved performance for 30fps High-Resolution display mode.
  • Fixed Kamala and Thor HARM tutorials when Defense Mode was set to Toggle.
  • A number of mouse/keyboard UI improvements.

Past Updates

Ver 1.06 Update (09/09/2020)

Ver. 1.06 Update (09/09/2020)

PlayStation & Xbox Patch Notes V1.2.5

Patch fixes for V1.2.4 have been combined with V1.2.5 - the below patch notes account for both updates. This patch is focused on fixing gamebreaking bugs. The next patch - V1.3.0 - will be the biggest patch yet and will resolve bad game states that has been caused by encountering some of the bugs encountered below and other quality of life changes.

Playstation and Xbox Patch V1.2.5 Fixes
  • Resolved an infrequent bug where players are unable to progres with the campaign due to an infinite loading screen.
     - This patch does not resolve the fix for those hwo have already encoutnered it - bad save states will be resolved in V1.3.0
  • Addressed majority of instances of a partially loaded Helicarrier which resulted in characters infinitely falling out of world when trying to access the Avengers Initiative.
     - There are rare instances where this bug could still happen, but the fix makes sure that if you go back to the loading screen and then returning to Avenger's Initiative will fix it..
  • Campaign Mission reward outfits will no longer disappear from Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through campaign progress - such as the Stark Tech outfits - reverting to a locked state.
     - This fix prevents it from happening but does not return the Outfits to those who have already encountered it. This will be fixed in V1.3.0.
  • Marketplace and Challenge Card outfits should no longer temporarily appear locked if you lose connectivity while in the game.
  • Backup Save UI improvements
  • Load time optimizations
Xbox Only
  • Achievements should now unlock and increment properly. It is still being investigated if all achievements will be granted retroactively.

PC Patch Notes: V1.0 Build 12.11

This was a hotfix for sopme signifcant issues encountered by some players.

PC Fixes
  • Fixes the issues where some outfits were being relocked. Investigation is being done on how to return locked outfits.
  • Fixed a problem which caused some players to fall out of the map when starting Avengers Initiative.
  • Fixed for certain DEVICE_HUNG crashes that some userse are experiencing.

Ver 1.05 Update (04/09/2020)

Ver 1.05 Update (09/04/2020)

PS4: V1.2.3

  • Backup Save: Available in the Settings menu, this feature backs up your save files. Your progress will be saved every hour. If you run into any issues with a corrupted save file, this can potentially help retrieve and revert to a different save file. Please note: This may not work for everyone, and will not address issues with save files that existed prior to this patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the Square Enix Members interface would appear too frequently.
  • Network improvements
  • Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.

Xbox: V1.2.2

  • Various UI Improvements
  • Save Game optimizations
  • Fixed issues with Exotic Artifact abilities
  • Addressed character model bugs with young Kamala and Thor
Xbox V1.2.3
  • Backup Save: Available in the Settings menu, this feature backs up your save files. Your progress will be saved every hour. If you run into any issues with a corrupted save file, this can potentially help retrieve and revert to a different save file. Please note: This may not work for everyone, and will not address issues with save files that existed prior to this patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the Square Enix Members interface would appear too frequently.
  • Network improvements
  • Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.
  • Fixed an issue where achievements would sometimes not work.
  • Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.

Ver 1.04 Update (02/09/2020)

Ver 1.04 Update (09/02/2020)

Day One Patch

Crystal Dynamics has not released patch notes for this update but did announce that they would be releasing a Day One Patch that will fix issues that were encountered during beta along with other fixes. They have said that the total size of the patch would be 18GB, which adds up as the Patch 1.03 update had a size of 10GB and the 1.04 update has a size of 8GB.

Day One Patch General Fixes
  • Improvements to matchmaking
  • Additional fixes for issues where characters would go out of the environment
  • Additional UI fixes
  • Additional performance improvements


  • Various crashes and game becoming unresponsive fixed
  • Save game optimizations
  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking
  • Additional matchmaking improvements
  • Character Selection improvements: Fixed the issue where you couldn't select or change Super Heroes
  • Companion respawn improvements
  • Hulkbuster: Fixed the issue where the screen would turn black when another Super Hero would use the Hulkbuster
  • Fixed issue with multiiple Super Heroes Spawning
  • Fixed rare issue of players losing certain gear
  • Various other improvements
Missions and War Zones
  • Missoin Summary improvements: Fixed the issues with the Abomination fight
  • Missing strongbox fixes
  • Save game optimizations
  • Fixed several reported crashes
  • Rare crashes fixes
  • Added to a link to 1st Party strore to main menu


Day One Patch General Fixes
  • Fixes or at least improvements to sever stutters/lag and irregular performance
  • Fixes for crashes, including older systems not able to launch at all and rare instances during gameplay
  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking
  • Fixes for microphone handling and muting other players
  • Fixed some graphical issues, for example wheen using SSSR while having TAA turned off
  • Solved issues with the Dynamic Screen Resolution featurem especiall when it was combined with HBAO+
  • Improvements to ultra-wide and super-ultrawide screens.

Feedback-Driven Features

Not only did they added some fixes, they have also made changes to the game to make it feel better to play!

Game Adjustments
  • Camera Shake: Added an option in Settings to adjust Camera Shake Sensitivity
  • Motion Blur: Decreased amount of motion blur during sprint and flight
  • Vaulting: Improvement to vaulting
  • Drop Delay: Decreased delay of loot drops
  • Defeault Settings: Changes default settings to wide combat camera distance, heavy targeting assistance and matchmaking disables

Future Updates

Here are the list of future features and improvements that were requested and will be implimented to the game!

Future Features
  • Ping system in War Zones
  • Subtitle sizing options
  • High-contrast mode

How to Update Marvel's Avengers


Start the Game

It should automatically start updating once you have opened your PS4 if you have the Automatic Downloads and Uploads are on. If you do not see the update, you will want to see if your internet connection is working.


If it does not start automatically, you can select the Marvel's Avengers application and press OPTIONS to open the menu, then select check for updates. If there is an update you have not downloaded yet, it should start downloading.


Update in Library

Head to the library to find Marvel's Avengers and select. There should be a button that says Update where the Play button should be. Once you press Update, it should start downloading the update. You can check its progress in the Downloads tab.

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