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This is a guide for the War Table in the Marvel's Avengers game for PS4. Read on to learn how to unlock the War Table, how to use its features, and more!

How to Use the War Table

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The War Table contains the available missions for the Campaign and for the Avengers Initiative if you already unlocked it. This is also where you can set up a Strike Team that will go with you to a mission of your choice.

Accessing the War Table shows you regions across the map and by selecting one, you can view more details for the available missions in that region before proceeding.

From the War Table screen, you can open the Objectives Menu by pressing the Touchpad. You can track up to 5 mission lines by selecting them. This allows the War Table to mark the missions needed to complete the mission lines that you are currently tracking. These tracked missions have green marks on the War Table.

How to Unlock the War Table

There are 2 War Tables available in the game and they are both unlocked by advancing through the story.

The first one is aboard the Chimera, which is unlocked after completing the To Find Olympia Campaign Mission.

The second War Table is in the Ant Hill and is unlocked after completing The Dogs of War Campaign Mission.

How to Travel Back to Ant Hill or Chimera

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To travel back to either outpost, you must first complete the Reassemble Campaign. After doing so, access the War Table of the outpost you are currently on and look for the region of the other outpost. The Chimera outpost is in the Helicarrier while the Ant Hill outpost is in the Utah Badlands. From there, you should see a button below that will let you travel to that outpost and go to that area's Faction Leader or Faction Vendor.

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You can also simply hover your cursor above the region and travel to that region's outpost by holding a button.

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3 Anonymous7 days

>>2 Same problem. I can't go any further than the war table. I think whoever created this game must have chatted with Sony. Sony said, you can base the game on Spiderman but don't copy it. Result = a game 1 million times more complicated. It's just so hard to figure out what skills and gear you've got. I like the game, good fun but lots and lots of flaws.

2 Anonymous12 days

I can’t believe lay campaign because the game won’t give me the prototype suit. After talking with banner at the door I turn on the computer screens the says go to war table but the access point at the table are close? Game is broken

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