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The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission Chain Objectives and Rewards

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This is a guide to The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission Chain in Marvel's Avengers (game). See the Iconic Mission Chain objectives and rewards for completing the mission chain.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission Chain Information

Description Complete challenges to earn Ms. Marvel's iconic suit
Guaranteed Reward 1 Cosmetic Item
Guaranteed Reward 2 Hero-Specific Gear: Ms. Marvel Only

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission Chain Objectives

Step 1 Complete the HARM Training Exercise
Step 2 Complete Campaign: Reassemble
Earn Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments (1000 XP)
Deal Polymorph damage (30,000)
Defeat enemies while Embiggened (20)

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission Chain Tips And Strategy

Objective 1: Complete the HARM Training Exercise

See our walkthrough below on how to beat the mission.

HARM Training: Ms. Marvel Walkthrough and Enemy List

Objective 2: Complete Campaign: Reassemble

Simply complete the Campaign for this objective. See our walkthrough below.

Reassemble Campaign Walkthrough | Story Missions

Objective 3: Earn 1000 Inhuman Alliance Faction XP

Inhuman Alliance 01.png
Just speak with Sarah Garza who is found at the Ant Hill just beside the War Table. She has Inhuman Alliance assignments for you daily. Choose the easiest ones to do such as collecting items from fallen enemies or simply defeating a War Zone. Pick five as each one awards 200 faction XP.

If you can, you may also choose one of the daily Villain Sector assignments. Each one awards more than 1000 XP.

How To Raise Your Faction Levels | Faction Missions

Objective 4: Deal 30,000 Polymorph damage

The easiest way to accomplish this to use Polymorph every single mission you enter. If you are doing this later in the game where Ms. Marvel has high enough levels, it will help if you have the Polymorph Efficiency and Polymorph Reduction skill to help slow down the consumption of Intrinsic energy while Polymorphed.

Objective 5: Defeat 20 enemies while Embiggened

Avengers Ms. Marvel - Embiggen.jpg
The easiest way to accomplish this is to find a big wave of enemies, preferably Synthoids or Proto-Synthoids. Use Embiggen as soon as they swarm you and attack them quickly.

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