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List of Status Effects | Status Effect Explanations

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This is a list of all status effects that are found in Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn the different status effects, their effects, and what damage type is needed, as well as how to counter these effects.

List of Status Effects and Explanations

Hero Status Effects

Status effects are debuffs that are applied when enough damage is done with a specific type of damage. These will give you an upper hand when fighting enemies with the different type of effects benefitting different builds and situations. Here are a list of status effects in the game:

Status Effect Damage Type Needed Effects
Pym Shrink Particle Damage Enemeis affected by Shrink will reduce in size, deal less damage and take more damage from all attacks.
Electro Shock Shock Damage Enemies that are Shocked will increase damage of incoming attacks and will increase the chance of Critical Attacks to occur.
Gamma Poisoning Gamma Damage Enemies that are Poisoned will be dealt additional intermittent damage that spreads to nearby enemies. A Gamma Poisoned enemy will cause a Gamma Explosion upon defeat..
Cosmic Ionization Cosmic Damage Enemies that are Ionized will take increased damage from incoming attacks and will recover the Willpower of the Hero attacking them.
Plasma Burn Plasma Damage Enemies affected by Burn will be intermittently interrupted from attacking. Some enemies will also be staggered by the effect.
Cryo Freeze Cryo Damage Enemies affected by Freeze will have its movement and attack speed slower. Will disable many defensive abilities.

Enemy Only Status Effects and Explanations

These are status effects that can affect Heroes and can only be caused by enemy attaacks. Here are a list of those enemy caused status effects:

Status Effect Effects How to Counter
Drain Heroes hit by attacks with Drain will have energy of their Herioc ability meters reduced. This is one of the more impactful Status Effects. It is best to try and avoid as much of these type of attacks and focus down enemeis who uses them.
Weaken Heroes hit by attacks with Weaken will have their attacks unable to put enemies into hit stun. When affected by this status effect, you will want to rely on your ranged attacks as melee attacks can be more risky.
Daze Heroes hit by attacks that Daze will have their visibilty obscured. This will make the screen blurry for the player. AOE (area of effect) attacks are your best bet with Dazed. They do not require much aiming when used.
Freeze When a Hero is hit enough times by attacks or environments that has a Freeze effect, they will be Frozen, inhibiting all movement and abilities. When you are Frozen, you will need to tap the prompted button as fast as you can.
Supress Heroes hit by attacks that cause Suppress will not be able to sprint, dodge, and vault. When you are Suppressed you will need to use your defensive abilities to decrease damage taken as you will not be able to avoid attacks.

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