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This is a guide to A Global Offensive Mission Chain in Marvel's Avengers (game). See the mission chain objectives, rewards for completing it, and tips and strategy on how to complete it.

A Global Offensive Mission Chain Information

Campaign Avengers Initiative
Guaranteed Reward 1 Rare Pattern
Guaranteed Reward 2 Legendary Gear

This mission chain is part of the objectives of the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain. See the complete objectives of the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain.
Reigning Supreme Mission Chain

A Global Offensive Mission Chain Objectives And Strategy

Step 1

Description The previously decommissioned Chimera Helicarrier, now serving as the base of operations for the remaining Avengers
checkmark.pngSpeak with Alisande Morales
checkmark.pngAccess Gear Vendor
checkmark.pngSpeak with Chastity McBryde
checkmark.pngSpeak with Sidney "Gaffer" Levine
checkmark.pngEarn 200 SHIELD Faction XP by completing SHIELD Assignments

Tips and Strategy

These are all done easily by accessing the Helicarrier at any point that this mission chain is active. This can be easily done while doing the Campaign with any hero.

SHIELD Faction Assignments and Mission.jpg
Alisande Morales can be located in the upper deck of the Chimera, just above the bridge. You can also get the SHIELD Assignments from her.

Avengers Faction Shop.png
The Gear Vendor and Chastity McBryde can both be found in the room before the hangar while Sidney Levine is at the far right end of the hangar.

Step 2

Description Deep within an underground cave accessible only via portal, Dr. Hank Pym continues his size manipulation research while providing a home for rescued Inhumans and those who joined the Resistance in their struggle against AIM.
checkmark.pngTalk to Sarah Garza
checkmark.pngAccess Gear Vendor
checkmark.pngTalk to Dr. Maddy Cho
checkmark.pngEarn 200 Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments

Tips and Strategy

Inhuman Alliance 01.png
These are all done easily once you get access to the Ant Hill Outpost during the Campaign. Sarah Garza is situated just across the War Table. You can get Inhuman Alliance Assignments from Sarah Garza.

The Gear Vendor is just beside the War Table while Dr. Maddy Cho is the room past the War Table.

Step 3

Description Simple missions to help ease heroes back into active duty.
checkmark.pngComplete War Zones in the Pacific Northwest
checkmark.pngComplete War Zones in the Utah Badlands
checkmark.pngComplete War Zones on the Eastern Seaboard
checkmark.pngComplete War Zones in the Snowy Tundra
checkmark.pngDefeat 50 enemies in any location
checkmark.pngOpen 5 strongboxes

Tips and Strategy

For the War Zone completions, just choose any of the available War Zones on the War Table. Defeating 50 enemies will most likely occur as you accomplish these War Zones as well as the 5 strongbox objective.

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