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How to Fight Elite Peacekeepers: Codex Entry and Locations

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This is a guide to Elite Peacekeepers, an enemy in Marvel's Avengers. Read on to learn the Elite Peacekeeper's codex entry, missions where they appear, and how to fight Elite Peacekeeper.

Elite Peacekeeper Basic Info

Codex Entry

Elite Peacekeeper
Elite Peacekeeper Icon
Group Beekeepers
Codex Description Elite Peacekeepers are highly trained ranged combatants capable of taking out targets from a long distance. Their Void-Tech suits allow them to quickly teleport across the battefield, making them a slippery target. Their sniper attack can be devastating, requiring precision timing to evade.

Missions Where Elite Peacekeepers Appear

Mission List

Elite Peacekeepers can be found in the following missions:

Quantum Research Bunker
Along Came a Spider
HARM Training: Iron Man
HARM Training: Widow
Agony and the Ant Hill
Mayhem Over Manhattan
Secrets Within
By Force of Mind
Forest Vault (Elite)
Mistaken Identity
In Honor's Name
Bad Blood
City Under Siege
HARM Challenge IV
Turbulence (Elite)
Desert Hive (Elite)
Sight Unseen (Elite)
Tundra Hive (Elite)
Forest Hive (Elite)
Last Avenger Standing
Heroic Gauntlet 2
Heroic Gauntlet 3
Sight Unseen
Heroic Gauntlet 5
Enter: The Avengers (Revisit)
Forest Hive
Heroic Gauntlet 6
Stark Realities (Revisit)
Priority HARM Challenge
Our Town (Priority Mission)
In Honor's Name (Priority Mission)
Mayhem Over Manhattan (Flashback)
Tachyon Rift: Breakout
Agony And The Anthill (Flashback)
Mayhem Over Manhattan (Priority Mission)
Agony And The Ant Hill (Priority Mission)
Mistaken Identity (Flashback)

Note that there may be more missions where you can find Elite Peacekeepers.

How to Fight Elite Peacekeeper

Elite Peacekeeper Basic Strategy

Close the gap immediately to prevent them from using their attacks. They also have higher attack than most Keepers so time your dodge properly.

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