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Forest Vault (Elite) Walkthrough: Chest Locations and Enemy List

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Avengers Forest Vault Elite

This is a walkthrough for the Mission Forest Vault (Elite) in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for beating the mission.

Forest Vault (Elite) General Info

Mission Information

Mission Forest Vault (Elite)
Type Vault
Mission Power 40
Reward Guaranteed Reward
Rare or Better Gear
Description The Resistance has discovered the hidden location of another SHIELD vault, but AIM is in the area. The Avengers must recover its contents before AIM can interfere.

Forest Vault (Elite) Walkthrough

1 From your landing zone, go northeast a little to battle some enemies.
2 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 01.pngHead north to a gate and find more enemies. Just beyond it is a building which we will use as a direction point.
3 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 03.pngFrom this building head northeast and find some enemies with a special unit nearby. Then, head north through a tunnel for more enemies.
4 As you exit that tunnel, head to your right to see a satellite looking structure. You can battle some enemies there.
5 Back to the point where you exit the tunnel, head to the left and battle some more enemies.
6 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 04.pngReturn to the very first building and head northwest. By this point, you will begin to see your directional navigator decrease below 200. Battle some enemies in the tall structure to the right.
7 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 07.pngHead to the west and begin finding the entrance for the secret vault.
8 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 06.png
Avengers Forest Vault Elite 08.pngAs soon as you reach the area, you will be notified that this is a code verification type of vault. You need to verify the code that appears on the screen three times.
9 Avengers Forest Vault Elite 05.pngEach time you successfully put in the code, several waves of enemies will spawn. Sometimes, one of them will attempt to hack and prevent you from accessing the vault. Destroy them immediately.
10 After the third set of codes are put in, the vault will open and you can get your rewards within. Access the panel at the far end of the room to end the mission.

Forest Vault (Elite) Tips and Strategy

Bring Support Heroes

Most often this mission will last long especially as you unlock the Vault. With such a long series of battles ahead, having the Support Heroic of heroes such as Ms. Marvel's Healing Spirit, Black Widow's Veil of Shadows and Captain America's Rally Cry will help in keeping your team alive.

Have Area Damaging Moves

The tendency in these missions as you unlock the Vault is for enemies will swarm you. Having area damaging moves will help clear out huge waves of enemies quickly.

Bring In Your Ranged Heroes

It is not enough to bring area damaging moves in this particular mission as this is the hardest among all Vault missions. Bring in your best ranged Hero to deal damage from afar before actually engaging them in close combat. It is highly recommended to use Iron Man or Thor in this particular mission, as both can be effective as ranged and area-damaging heroes.

Forest Vault (Elite) Enemies

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
Stilleto RiotbotStilleto Riotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
KeeperKeeper They have slow recharge times so get closer to them and beat them with melee attacks.
Aero KeeperAero Keeper Use ranged attacks to defeat them quickly.
Cryo KeeperCryo Keeper Use ranged attacks but dodge whenever they fire their projectiles since it can freeze you.
Elite PeacekeeperElite Peacekeeper Close the gap immediately to prevent them from using their attacks. They also have higher attack than most Keepers so time your dodge properly.
Security DroneSecurity Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks.
AdaptoidAdaptoid Use support heroics whenever possible as these enemies are sturdy. Alternate between quick attacks and dodging whenever they strike back.
Adept DroneAdept Drone Dispose quickly by using ranged attacks. Has a high dodge rate than most drones.

Forest Vault (Elite) Chest Locations

Chest Locations
In the first area just northeast of your landing zone, there's a switch there that will open a room where this chest is found.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 02.png At one of the platforms just above the main building, there is a chest there. Fly to get this particular chest.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 03.png Northeast of the central building, just on the platform where fire burns, there is a DNA chest.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 04.png As you reach the northeast part from the central building, JARVIS will alert you of a chest. Follow the directions to get to this.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 05.png In the tunnel, this is on the first area where you first battle some enemies.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 06.png Northeast from the tunnel, there will be a chest inside an open bunker.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 07.png Northwest from the tunnel, there will be a building with a puzzle. Inside there will two chests. One of them could be a DNA chest.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 11.png Northwest from the first building in this area, the chest is on top of one of the towers with platforms to the side of the building.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 10.png This chest is partially hidden on the room to the left of the vault computer.
Avengers Forest Vault Elite Chest 09.png These are your rewards for opening the vault.

Note that dark brown / bronze colored chests may shift locations or not be present at all during a mission.

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24 Snowy Tundra Vault Rare or Better Gear
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40 Forest Vault (Elite) Rare or Better Gear
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