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Missing Links Walkthrough: All Chest Locations and Enemy List

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This is a walkthrough for the Mission Missing Links in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for completing the mission.

Missing Links General Info

Mission Information

Mission Missing Links
Type Campaign
Mission Power 5
Reward Rare Gear
Description JARVIS needs a new neural uplink. Maria Hill thinks she's located one in an old SHIELD bunker, but Kamala and the Hulk will need to go deep into AIM territory to find it.

Missing Links Walkthrough

1 Follow the objective marker to locate the AIM facility.
Objective marker
You will find an AIM warehouse containing a chest. To unlock the warehouse, simply step on both switches in front of the gate.
2 Take out the enemies surrounding the area.
3 Step on the marker until the Avengers progress bar is complete. This will be a "King of the Hill" battle which means you'll have fend off enemies while holding your ground.
King of the hill
4 Locate the SHIELD facility by following the radar.
SHIELD bunker
5 Get inside the bunker and ride the elevator.
6 Follow the objective marker to the neural uplink.
The other markers lead to a room with 2 chests each for a total of 4 chests.
7 Enter the vault and start the SHIELD protocol upload.
Inside the vault are 4 strongboxes.
8 Deal with the enemies outside the vault.

Secret Mission

There is a secret mission that you can unlock within this mission. See the link below to learn how to unlock it!

How to Unlock the Secret Mission

Missing Links Enemies

Enemy Strategy
SynthoidSynthoid Basic enemy that can be easily dealt with by combos.
Elite SynthoidElite Synthoid They dodge and have uninterruptible laser attacks. Dodge and counter.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.
RiotbotRiotbot Use charged attacks to break their shields or vault over their back to attack their weak spot.
KeeperKeeper They have slow recharge times so get closer to them and beat them with melee attacks.
Cryo KeeperCryo Keeper Use ranged attacks but dodge whenever they fire their projectiles since it can freeze you.
Monotronic ExoMonotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to stagger. Dodge and counter its attacks.
Cryotronic ExoCryotronic Exo Be careful of powerful attacks that may cause you to freeze. Dodge and counter its attacks.

Missing Links Chest Locations

Chest Locations
Inside an AIM warehouse which can be unlocked by stepping on 2 buttons near the entrance.
Inside the SHIELD bunker. There are a total of 4 chests marked by an objective marker.
Inside the vault near the end of the mission.

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