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Testing 1... 2... 3... Walkthrough: All Chest and Collectible Locations

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Agony and the Ant Hill The Chimera (Captain America)

This is a walkthrough for the Mission Testing 1... 2... 3... in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest locations, and tips and strategy for completing the mission.

Testing 1... 2... 3... General Info

Mission Information

Mission Testing 1... 2... 3...
Type Campaign
Mission Power -
Reward -
Description Up in orbit. Tony looks for evidence that the Avengers can use in their campaign against AIM.

Testing 1... 2... 3... Walkthrough

Iron Man

1 Stay on course by keeping the crosshair locked to your destination.
2 Use the marked terminal and find the cell where AIM is keeping the Inhuman.
3 Rescue the "Inhuman".

Captain America

1 Find a way out of the station.
2 Buy Tony some time by fending off the enemies.
3 Open the door and escape the station.

Testing 1... 2... 3... Enemies

Enemy Strategy
Prime Adept SynthoidPrime Adept Synthoid They have uninterruptible attacks so time your dodge as they attack and counter back.
Proto-SynthoidProto-Synthoid Use combos to deal in damage then dodge when they execute their attacks.

Testing 1... 2... 3... Chest and Collectible Locations


Chest Locations
Use a terminal nearby upon entering the space station to gain access to this room.
Inside the storage room.
Inside the Development Lab 2
You will pass by this chest shortly after exiting Development Lab 2.


Intelligence Locations
Left of the starting room once you enter the space station.
Use a terminal nearby upon entering the space station to gain access to this room.
Space to the right in the long corridor after the drop.

Marvel's Avengers Mission Walkthroughs

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Agony and the Ant Hill The Chimera (Captain America)

Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign (Reassemble) Missions

1. I Want to Be an Avenger 2. The Light that Failed
3. New Normal 4. The Road Back
5. To Find Olympia * The Chimera
6. Missing Links 7. House Call
* The Chimera
(Tony Stark)
8. Armor Chase
9. Alone Against AIM 10. The Dogs of War
11. The Ant Hill 12. Breakout
13. To Stand Alone * The Chimera
(Black Widow)
14. Once an Avenger... 15. Agony and the Ant Hill
16. Testing 1... 2... 3... * The Chimera
(Captain America)
17. Starktech Outfits 18. Mayhem Over Manhattan
19. By Force of Mind - -


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