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How to Fight Cryo Synthoids: Codex Entry and Locations

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This is a guide to Cryo Synthoids, an enemy in Marvel's Avengers. Read on to learn the Cryo Synthoid's codex entry, missions where they appear, and how to fight Cryo Synthoid.

Cryo Synthoid Basic Info

Codex Entry

Cryo Synthoid
Cryo Synthoid Icon
Group Synthoids
Codex Description This standard AIM Synthoid was modified to chill and immobilize dangerous laboratory experiments. It can sometimes be deployed as a combat unit, utilizing its cold based abilities to control the battle field. Don't step on the ice.

Missions Where Cryo Synthoids Appear

Mission List

Cryo Synthoids can be found in the following missions:

Stark Realities
Communication Nexus
Enter: The Avengers
Enter: The Avengers
Snowy Tundra Vault
Data Squib Repository
By Force of Mind
Forest Vault
Rocket's Red Glare
Bad Blood
Global Presence
The Evil Reborn
Agents Of Thunder
Alternate Visions
The Inhuman Condition
Desert Vault (Elite)
Turbulence (Elite)
Desert Hive (Elite)
Sight Unseen (Elite)
Tundra Hive (Elite)
To Tame A Titan (Elite)
Forest Hive (Elite)
Last Avenger Standing
Heroic Gauntlet 1
Heroic Gauntlet 2
Heroic Gauntlet 3
Sight Unseen
Heroic Gauntlet 4
Heroic Gauntlet 5
Forest Hive
Menace At Large
The Inhuman Condition (Revisit)
...And We're Back! (Revisit)
Heroic Gauntlet 6
Heroic Gauntlet 7
Our Town (Revisit)
History Repeats
The Inhuman Condition (Revisit) Priority Mission
Our Town (Priority Mission)
Sight Unseen (Priority Mission)
Gathering Of Evil (Priority Mission)

Note that there may be more missions where you can find Cryo Synthoids.

How to Fight Cryo Synthoid

Cryo Synthoid Basic Strategy

Basic enemy that can be dealt with by combos. Be wary of its chilling attack.

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