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Taskmaster Boss Battle

This guide will show you how to beat Taskmaster, the boss of The Light that Failed (A-Day) in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn boss strategy, tips and tricks, and more!

Taskmaster Basic Info

Codex Entry

Taskmaster Icon
Codex Description Tony Masters, AKA Taskmaster was once a rank and file SHIELD agent with a special ability of mimicking the abilities of his targets. But because of his aggressive attitude and questionable methods he was dishonorably discharged from SHIELD. Hoping to one day exact revenge on his former employer, Taskmaster sought his fortune on the independent market, selling his skills to the highest bidder.

Missions Appearing In

The Light That Failed
Bad Blood
Alternate Visions
Sight Unseen (Elite)

Basic Strategy

Alternate between close range when he uses ranged and ranged when he closes in on you. When given the chance to grapple, use it to deal quick damage.

Taskmaster Boss Strategy (Campaign)

Dodge His Jetpacks Attack and Shoot

Dodge Taskmaster.png
The battle starts with Taskmaster flying at you with his jetpack. What you have to do is dodge it with ○, then quickly press L2 and hold R2 to fire at his jetpack while he's in the air. Once you do this enough times, the jetpack will crash initiating the second phase.

Mix Up Heavy and Light Attacks

Taskmaster can learn his opponents movements through his Photographic Reflexes, so doing the same thing over and over will guarantee he counters you. Mix up your light and heavy attacks to be able attack him.

Counter Attacks

Grapple Counter.png

Near the end of the boss battle, there will be prompts explaining counter attacks. Use them to your advantage as he pulls out more advanced moves then continue with your light and heavy attacks do win the boss battle.

Just note that you cannot counter attacks when they show up in red! Red Colored attacks must instead be dodged.

How To Parry

Taskmaster Boss Strategy (Villain Sector)

Use Ranged Attacks Against Taskmaster

Stay away and use ranged attacks on Taskmaster and let your other heroes deal with the smaller enemies. Using Iron Man with his mini-rockets and Unibeam and Black Widow with her High-Caliber Shots would work well here.

Use Heroics To Deal With High Willpower

Taskmaster has high willpower/health. Use your Heroics whenever necessary to deal with Taskmaster's high Willpower, such as Black Widow's Widows Bite or Hulk's Stranglehold.

Defeat Watchdogs

Taskmaster will summon his Watchdogs whenever the battle goes against his favor.Once the Watchdogs come in, focus on them first before returning to attack Taskmaster.

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