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The Invincible Iron Man Iconic Mission Chain Objectives And Rewards

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Iron Man Iconic Mission Chain

This is a guide to The Invincible Iron Man Iconic Mission Chain in Marvel's Avengers (game). See the Iconic Mission Chain objectives and rewards for completing the mission chain.

The Invincible Iron Man Iconic Mission Chain Information

Description Perform Heroic actions and complete combat challenges to earn Hero gear for Iron Man.
Guaranteed Reward 1 Rare Pattern
Guaranteed Reward 2 Hero-Specific Gear: Iron Man Only

The Invincible Iron Man Iconic Mission Chain Objectives

Step 1 Use Unibeam (8 times)
Defeat enemies with Repulsor headshots (16 times)
Step 2 Collect 3 Optic Decoders from Riotbots
Defeat 1 Dreadbot

The Invincible Iron Man Iconic Mission Tips And Strategy

Objective 1: Use Unibeam (8 times)

Iron Man Iconic Mission 03.png
For the Unibeam objective, just run through missions repeatedly as Heroics usually begin each level nearly fully charged.

If you begin accomplishing this Iconic Mission later in the game, it is recommended to upgrade Iron Man's Assault Heroic so that it has the Efficient Coils upgrade which increases the charge rate of Unibeam. There are also equipment that boost the charge rate of Assault Heroics.

Objective 2: Defeat enemies with Repulsor headshots (16 times)

Iron Man Iconic Mission 02.png
As for the Repulsor headshots, equip Iron Man with a powerful Ranged Gear, preferably with a Precision boost, to give your Repulsor better damage. Hunting down Synthoids and Proto-Synthoids will be best for this objective as they tend to stand still when they use their ranged attacks plus they are less sturdy than other enemies.

Objective 3: Collect 3 Decoders from Riotbots

Just hunt down Riotbots. They are pretty common, especially in War Zones. Remember to vault over their shields in order to easily defeat them.

Objective 4: Defeat 1 Dreadbot

All you need to do is find a mission with a Dreadbot in order to accomplish this. Black Widow's Iconic Mission Along Came A Spider has one of the earliest spawns of a Dreadbot. When you try to accomplish the first mission objective, the last wave would almost always be a combination of one Dreadbot and one Blitz Dreadbot.

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