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How to Fight Blitz Proto-Synthoids: Codex Entry and Locations

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This is a guide to Blitz Proto-Synthoids, an enemy in Marvel's Avengers. Read on to learn the Blitz Proto-Synthoid's codex entry, missions where they appear, and how to fight Blitz Proto-Synthoid.

Blitz Proto-Synthoid Basic Info

Codex Entry

Blitz Proto-Synthoid
Blitz Proto-Synthoid Icon
Group Proto-Synthoids
Codex Description Originally designed for specialized mining operations, these Synthoids have been repurposed for close quarters combat. They are programmed to launch themselves at targets and explode on impact. Listen for the sounds of these enemies calculating their devastating charge attack. Use ranged attacks to destroy them at a distance.

Missions Where Blitz Proto-Synthoids Appear

Mission List

Blitz Proto-Synthoids can be found in the following missions:

To Tame A Titan
Along Came a Spider
Once an Avenger...
Alone Against AIM
By Force of Mind
Mistaken Identity
Rocket's Red Glare
In Honor's Name
Bad Blood
Let the Game Begin
The Evil Reborn
Day of the Remains
Desert Vault (Elite)
Turbulence (Elite)
Desert Hive (Elite)
Sight Unseen (Elite)
City Under Siege (Elite)
Tundra Hive (Elite)
To Tame A Titan (Elite)
Forest Hive (Elite)
Last Avenger Standing
Heroic Gauntlet 2
Advanced Materials R&D Lab
Heroic Gauntlet 3
Heroic Gauntlet 5
Forest Hive
Heroic Gauntlet 7
Stark Realities (Revisit)
Priority HARM Challenge
History Repeats
Blast From The Past
In Honor's Name (Priority Mission)
Day Of The Remains (Priority Mission)
Waking The Dead
Mistaken Identity (Flashback)

Note that there may be more missions where you can find Blitz Proto-Synthoids.

How to Fight Blitz Proto-Synthoid

Blitz Proto-Synthoid Basic Strategy

Before it explodes, it will stop for a few seconds. Destroy it quickly during this opening.

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