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Avengers Game Ending Explained

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This guide explain the ending of the Marvel's Avengers Game! Read on to get the explanation of the ending and learn what happened at the end!

Avengers Game Ending Explained


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The Avengers head to where it all started, San Francisco, to face off with MODOK to stop his plan of releasing D.A.R.K. Terrigen all over the world to kill all the Inhumans. As the Avengers start defeating MODOK, he summons the reason for the Terrigen Crystal to become unstable, a Kree Sentry, hidden deep beneath the bay. He uses his Technokenisis to control the Kree Sentry and make it attack the Avengers.

Even with the support of the Kree Sentry, MODOK starts to lose, but not before he enters the Kree Sentry and supercharges it. Hulk tries to destroy the Kree Sentry's eye but gets incapacitated by its eye beam. Kamala heads over to help the Hulk, finding a wounded Bruce Banner, she gathers the courage to fight the Kree Sentry and Embiggens herself to its size.

With her biggest Embiggen yet, she smashes the Kree Sentry, destorying it and causing MODOK to fall out of it and into the bay. With MODOK defeated and the Avengers reassembled, Kamala returns home and her father lets her join the Avengers.

Post-Credit Scene

In the post-credit scene, it is revealed that Monica didn't die, instead it was a clone she had made using the powers of an Inhuman. With MODOK out of the picture, she has taken leadership of AIM, planning to continue to push AIM as the future of mankind.

The next scene is that of the disabled Kree Sentry. What looks like a beacon, is shot out of the Kree Sentry and into space. Its purpose and destination unknown.

What Happened in Marvel's Avengers Ending

Kamala is Officially Part of the Avengers

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Kamala rose to the challenge and believed in the Avengers during a time of crisis and proven herself to be a hero. With her actions causing the reunion of the Avengers, it is no surprise that she joins the team as Miss Marvel. Kamala is going to be a big part of the team figuratively and literally.

The Defeated MODOK's Fate is Left Unknown

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All we got to see during the final fight is that MODOK fell out of the Kree Sentry and into the sea. We do not get any details on whether or not he survived or if he will return. We can only speculate what happened to him.

Monica is a Future Villain

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When she was with MODOK she only seemed to be an assistant to him, but in reality, she was pulling on the strings behind the scenes right from the start. Now that MODOK is gone, she is going to be the one leading AIM. With her devious mind intelligent enough to trick MODOK, she is going to be a dangerous enemy for the Avengers.

The Kree Sentry sent Something into Space

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In the final scene, we see the Kree Sentry send something out into space. It could be a beacon or the Terrigen Crystal. We can't say for sure right now, what we do know is that something from outer space might join arrive on Earth. Either friend or foe to the Avengers, only time will tell.

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Avengers Game Ending Explained


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