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The Chimera (Black Widow) Walkthrough: All Chest and Collectible Locations

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The Chimera Black Widow Walkthrough All Chest and Collectible Locations

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To Stand Alone Once an Avenger...

This is a walkthrough for the Mission The Chimera (Black Widow) in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest and collectible locations, and tips and strategy.

The Chimera (Black Widow) General Info

Mission Information

Mission The Chimera (Black Widow)
Type Campaign
Mission Power -
Reward -
Description With Monica now in custody, it's time for the Avengers to find out where AIM has taken the rest of their Inhuman prisoners.

The Chimera (Black Widow) Walkthrough

1 Talk to Tony at the War Table
2 Talk to Hank Pym via the War Table
3 Talk to Bruce at the front of the Command Deck
4 Head to the Hangar
5 Head down into the interrogation room

The Chimera (Black Widow) Collectible Locations


Chest Locations
First floor of the Crew Quarters, corridor to the Command Deck.
First floor of the Technology Lab.
First floor of the Science Lab.
Left side of the Command Deck.
Right side of the Commons Area.
Right side of the Hangar's catwalk.
Beside Sidney "Gaffer" Levine's shop.
Beside the door in the Hangar leading to the lower decks of the ship.


Comics Locations
In the Command Deck, left of Captain America's shield


Intelligence Locations
Second floor of the Crew Quarters
Commons Area, by Roy-G's shop.

Marvel's Avengers Mission Walkthroughs

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To Stand Alone Once an Avenger...

Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign (Reassemble) Missions

1. I Want to Be an Avenger 2. The Light that Failed
3. New Normal 4. The Road Back
5. To Find Olympia * The Chimera
6. Missing Links 7. House Call
* The Chimera
(Tony Stark)
8. Armor Chase
9. Alone Against AIM 10. The Dogs of War
11. The Ant Hill 12. Breakout
13. To Stand Alone * The Chimera
(Black Widow)
14. Once an Avenger... 15. Agony and the Ant Hill
16. Testing 1... 2... 3... * The Chimera
(Captain America)
17. Starktech Outfits 18. Mayhem Over Manhattan
19. By Force of Mind - -


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