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List of All Collectible Intelligence and Intelligence Locations

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List of All Collectible Intelligences
A guide to locating all intelligence in Marvel's Avengers (game). Read on to learn what intel is used for, and where to find it.

What Does Intelligence Do?

Intelligence collectibles are sound files that you can listen to that expand the world of the Avengers. If you want more story and a better look at the world around the game, be sure to take a look at these collectibles!

Where To Find Intelligence

Collectible in Campaign

To Stand Alone Intel 1.jpg

Some intelligence items are scattered around the story mode and can be picked up.

Random Chest Drops

To Stand Alone Chest E.jpg

Some intelligence items come from chests randomly.

List of Intelligence

A-Day Preparations

Title Location
An Interview With Captain America (Part 1) I Want To Be An Avenger!
Table near the ice cream stand between objective A and B
An Interview With Captain America (Part 2) I Want To Be An Avenger!
Inside Captain America’s Exhibit
To: Monica Rappaccini
From: Hank Pym
The Road Back
Scaffolding left of the War Table
Bruce's Journal The Road Back
Left of the first Breakable Door

The Avengers Disband

Title Location
Senate Hearing Day 1
Romanoff - Excerpt (1)
The Road Back
Back-left corner of the Quinjet Hangar
Senate Hearing Day 6
Stark - Excerpt
The Road Back
Toolbox behind the Chest upon entering the Chimera
Senate Hearing Day 1
Romanoff - Excerpt (2)
The Road Back
Tool Cabinet near the Quinjet left of the second Breakable Door
Senate Hearing Day 5
Dr. Banner - Excerpt
The Road Back
Table in the Command Deck near Window
Decomission Order - Chimera Helicarrier Found in Chest Drops
To: Agent Woo
From: Agent Singh
The Road Back
Inside Abandoned Resistance Bunker
Senate Hearing Day 10
Dr. Banner - Statement
The Road Back
Debris outside Abandoned Resistance Bunker

The Rise of AIM

Title Location
AIM PR Statement "From The Ashes" To Find Olympia
Left of the hallway accessed after destroying the Gamma Machines
AIM PR Statement "The Danger Remains" To Find Olympia
Upper landing of the Third Floor
AIM PR Statement "Restoring the Bay" To Find Olympia
Right of the exit of Lab 1D (before Terragenesis Lab)
News Report Excerpt "AIM's Tech Renaissance" To Find Olympia
Directly left of Kamala’s starting position

Kamala's Fan Fiction

Title Location
Avengers vs. The Evil Sewer Lizards - Part 2 Found in Chest Drops
Avengers vs. The Evil Sewer Lizards - Part 3 Found in Chest Drops
Avengers vs. The Evil Sewer Lizards - Part 4 Found in Chest Drops

Taskmaster and AIM

Title Location
To: Research Group C
From: T. Masters
Found in Chest Drops

Marvels of AIM

Title Location
Memo Draft: Terrigen [Exec Notes Enclosed] Found in Chest Drops

Jersey City

Title Location
AIM Pamphlet New Normal
Second Left after Shimmying Ledge
Kamala's Journal New Normal
Next to Bean Bag at Second Floor of Kamala’s HQ
Newspaper Clipping "Synthoid Saves The Day" New Normal
First Left after Shimmying Ledge
Avengers vs. The Evil Sewer Lizards - Part 1 New Normal
Desk at Second Floor of Kamala’s HQ
Newspaper Clipping "Scientist Missing" New Normal
Next to Barbeque Grill in the second Wooden Patio
A Letter to the Family New Normal
Dead End Past Ladder Out of Sewers

Banner's Descent

Title Location
To: Tony
From: Bruce
The Road Back
Room right of the third Breakable Door
Bruce's Journal "Something Different" Found in Chest Drops
Bruce's Journal "Issues With The Hulk" Found in Chest Drops

Golden Acres

Title Location
To : Angry Lennie
From: Tony Legs
House Call
Directly in front of Tony as he climbs up into the house

Monica's Lab

Title Location
Personal Research: Diagnosis The Chimera (Black Widow)
Commons Area, by Roy-G's shop.
Personal Research: New Data The Chimera (Black Widow)
Second floor of the Crew Quarters
Personal Research: Test Subjects To Stand Alone
End of the walkway headed for the Hangar
Personal Research: Terragenesis To Stand Alone
In the room after Monica's office.
Personal Research: Causality To Stand Alone
On Monica's desk inside her office.
Personal Research: Inhumanity To Stand Alone
Console right of the stairs in the Adaptoid factory line.
A Note For New Hires To Stand Alone
Found inside a tunnel on your way to the AIM Prison

AIM Space Lab

Title Location
Monica's Lab Notes Updates Testing 1... 2... 3...
Space to the right in the long corridor after the drop.
Monica's Lab Notes Three Days Post-Op Testing 1... 2... 3...
Use a terminal nearby upon entering the space station to gain access to this room.
To Colin Sixty
From: Monica Rapaccini
Testing 1... 2... 3...
Left of the starting room once you enter the space station.

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