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I Want to Be an Avenger Walkthrough: All Comic and Collectible Locations

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- The Light That Failed

This is a walkthrough for the Mission I Want to Be an Avenger in Marvel's Avengers (game). Learn the locations of all comic books required to reach the VIP Balcony, as well as other collectibles.

I Want to Be an Avenger General Info

I Want to Be an Avenger Walkthrough and Comic Locations

1 Go inside and speak with the front desk.
2 Proceed to the next area and start collecting all five comics. Press Up on the Dpad to reveal the objective markers.
3 Objective A requires you to score at least 150 points in a shooting game.
Objective A.jpg
4 Objective B is a high striker game in the arcade that can be easily won by mashing and then quickly pressing .
Objective B.jpg
5 As you approach Objective C, you'll get another objective where you will be asked to look for a duplicate comic.
Objective C-1.jpg
6 The new Objective C will give you the comic Dante was looking for. You'll get the duplicate comic later.
Objective C-2.jpg
7 Objective D has the same mechanics with the game on Objective B.
Objective D.jpg
8 Interacting with Objective E will give you the duplicate comic.
Objective E.jpg
9 Find Dante and give him the duplicate and you will receive the last comic that you need.
10 Head to the VIP entrance and talk to Abu.

I Want to Be an Avenger Collectible Locations

Comic Locations

Black Widow game to the left of the entrance
The Hulk Smash game in the Arcade
In the Side-corridor right before the Terrigen core, then trade it in
The Thor game in the middle of the second area
In Captain America’s Exhibit

Intelligence Locations

Table near the ice cream stand between objective A and B
Inside Captain America’s Exhibit

Marvel's Avengers Mission Walkthroughs

Previous Mission Next Mission
- The Light That Failed

Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign (Reassemble) Missions

1. I Want to Be an Avenger 2. The Light that Failed
3. New Normal 4. The Road Back
5. To Find Olympia * The Chimera
6. Missing Links 7. House Call
* The Chimera
(Tony Stark)
8. Armor Chase
9. Alone Against AIM 10. The Dogs of War
11. The Ant Hill 12. Breakout
13. To Stand Alone * The Chimera
(Black Widow)
14. Once an Avenger... 15. Agony and the Ant Hill
16. Testing 1... 2... 3... * The Chimera
(Captain America)
17. Starktech Outfits 18. Mayhem Over Manhattan
19. By Force of Mind - -


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