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Power Level Guide | What Does Power Level Do?

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This is a guide for Power Level in the Marvel's Avengers game for PS4. Learn more about Gear and Hero Power Level as well as how to raise them below!

What Does Power Level Do?

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Hero Power Level

Hero Power is the average of all your gear combined plus the fixed power increase from your Major Artifact. This determines how "buffed" your heroes are and how well they would perform in a given mission.

Hero Power also determines the power level of gear from chests, enemy drops, and mission rewards that your character will receive. This simply means increasing your Hero Power is essential to obtain even more powerful gear.

Gear Power Level

Gear Power determines the overall effectiveness of the gear. This includes the gear's attack or defense rating, and the bonus stat that it gives.

Its only actual purpose, however, is to raise your Hero Power which in turn increases the power of the obtainable gear from enemies, chests, and mission rewards.

What Is The Max Hero Power Level?

Right now, the max power level in-game is 150. You can get this by getting high level gear

How to Raise Hero Power Level to 150

Equip Stronger Gear

Your Hero Power is directly affected by the average power level of all your gear. The average power of all your equipped gear determines your Hero Power which also increases the Gear Power that your hero will receive from any sources.

We recommend equipping any higher powered gear that you find immediately regardless of its perks or stat bonuses as this will get you to endgame power levels faster. Upon reaching a high power level, you can then begin upgrading gear that fits your build.

Grind Vault Missions

Vault missions are guaranteed to have multiple goodies that you can equip to raise your power level. Grind through them to get more gear.

Find Exotic Gear

Find exotic gear to boost your power level drastically, while giving you a handful of useful perks and allowing you to upgrade them multiple times. Check our guide to finding exotic gear down below!

How to Get Exotic Gear | Exotic Gear Farming

Boost High Level Gear

Once you hit Gear Power 130 items, that's the max you will find. From there you can level up Exotic or Legendary items 10 times to attain a gear score of 140. Combined with a fully upgraded artifact, this will bump you up to 150.

Upgrade Major Artifact

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While most of your Hero Power comes from the average power of all your equipped gear, Major Artifacts give fixed power boost.

Upgrading your equipped Major Artifacts to max level will give your hero 10 bonus power which gives a huge impact especially if you are currently farming for more powerful gear.

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